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reinhart.jpgCarmen Reinhart at Project Syndicate: Are Oil Prices Heading for Another Spike?

summers_headshot.jpgLawrence Summers in the Washington Post: Wells Fargo's board members are getting off too easy

bilmes.jpgLinda Bilmes at The Conversation: Congress' budget dysfunction is more than 4 decades in the making

elizabeth.golberg_small_0.jpgSEMINAR Mar. 8 (11:45am, Bell): Elizabeth Golberg on Regulatory Policy: The EU Variation

41Dq1xJI2QL._UX250_.jpgSEMINAR Mar 28 (4:15pm, L-382): Cass Sunstein on How People Update Beliefs about Climate Change: Good News and Bad News

Jason Bordoff.jpgSEMINAR Mar 29 (11:45am, Bell): Jason Bordoff on The Geopolitics of Energy


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Half a century after the 1964 passage of the Civil Rights Act, racial discrimination endures in many areas of American life, including healthcare. A new paper in Health Affairs, co-authored by Amitabh Chandra, faculty chair of the HKS Healthcare Policy Program, considers the problem of inadequate or inferior health care for minority patients and offers several recommendations for improving the situation in the U.S.


"The Green Revolution is estimated to have saved up to one billion people from starvation. Africa needs to stage its own version if its to help save its people from hunger. Its lessons are instructive because of the need to approach the hunger crisis as a complex problem – and not just to raise crop yields or aggregate food production."


Calestous Juma
Professor of the Practice of International Development

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