Shana Ashar
Assistant Director, Program on Science, Technology and Society

Gretchen Bartlett
Area Manager, International and Global Affairs

Annmarie Basler
Finance Manager

Casey Billings
Program Assistant

Ashley Brown
Executive Director, Harvard Electricity Policy Group

Claire Byrne
Executive Assistant

Richie Carey
Coordinator of Information Technology

Jason Chapman 
Project Coordinator, Harvard Project on International Climate Agreements

Kelly Friendly
Senior Associate

Bryan Galcik 
Program Assistant

Minoo Ghoreishi
Faculty Assistant, Program Coordinator for Business & Human Rights

Susan Gill
Program Coordinator

Victoria Groves
Communications and Events Manager

Melissa Kappotis
Faculty Assistant

Scott Leland
Executive Director, Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business & Government

Louisa Lund
Program Director, Consortium for Energy Policy Research

Jo-Ann Mahoney
Program Director, Harvard Electricity Policy Group

Sarah Mapes
Executive Assistant

Jane Nelson
Director, Corporate Responsibility Initiative

Nora O’Neil
Associate Director, Sustainability Science Program

Willie Powell
Research Associate

Julie Shample
Senior Executive Assistant

Paul Sherman
Program Coordinator, Consortium for Energy Policy Research

Robert Stowe
Executive Director, Harvard Environmental Economics Program

Beth Tremblay
Faculty Assistant

Tara Tyrrell
Faculty Assistant