Market capitalism is at the core of America’s economic success, but it is also blamed for many of society’s ills.  How do we secure competitive markets and bolster the best aspects of capitalism, while protecting against its excesses?

Corporate Responsibility Initiative

This program seeks to study and enhance the public role of private enterprise, focusing on two core research streams: corporate governance and accountability, and business as a partner in international development. Chaired by John Ruggie; Directed by Jane Nelson.

Corporations, Government and Public Policy

This program explores the role of business in formulating, influencing and implementing public policy.  It illuminates the fundamental issues of corporate public policy making and engagement in implementing public policy by examining the context: key elements of governance; the purpose of the corporation; and concepts of corporate performance, integrity and risk.  We are examining a series of consequential matters – globalization of industries and global governance, tensions arising from innovation and technology developments, and the role of shareholders and institutional investors to secure public goods by influencing the behavior of investee corporations.  We focus on the role of the corporation in addressing public issues given the tensions between private interests and public interests. Faculty leadership: John Haigh, with contributions from Benjamin Heineman and Rebecca Henderson