Energy, the Environment and Climate Change are existential issues for the 21st century. Solutions begin with policy changes to correct incentives, encourage new technologies, and create sustainable systems.

Regulatory Policy Program

Addresses important policy issues affecting the regulation of financial markets, transportation, manufacturing, the environment, energy and other vital aspects of the global economy.

Harvard Environmental Economics Program

Brings together faculty and graduate students from across Harvard University to engage in research, teaching, and outreach efforts in environmental and natural resource economics and related public policy.

Project on Climate Agreements

A major global initiative to help identify the key design elements of a scientifically sound, economically rational, and politically pragmatic international policy architecture for global climate change.

Harvard Electricity Policy Group

Provides a forum for the analysis and discussion of important policy issues regarding the U.S. electricity industry.

Harvard Climate Internship Program

The Harvard Climate Internship Program (HCIP) is a university-wide program supporting graduate students who work in a climate policy-oriented summer internship.