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No More 'Truth Decay'--It's time to stand up against anti-vaxxers. Scott Ratzan, MedPage Today, February 18

What Green New Deal advocates can learn from the 2009 economic stimulus act. Joseph Aldy, The Conversation, February 15

Amitabh Chandra elected to the National Academy of Social Insurance, February 14

Book talk on China's Crisis of Success (video). William Overholt, Center for Strategic and International Studies, February 10

M-RCBG releases new working paper on Revolution in Data: How new technologies are upending borrowing. Marshall Lux and Guillaume Delepine, February 8

No trade deal can dictate our relationship with China. Lawrence H. Summers, Washington Post, February 4

What to expect from the State of the Union. Elaine Kamarck, Brookings, February 4

M-RCBG releases working paper on Multisector Engagement for Sustainable Health (MESH). Scott Ratzan, February 2

The Euro at 20 Years. Jeffrey Frankel, Project Syndicate, January 25

Has economics failed us? Hardly. Larry Summers, Washington Post, January 25

The ripple effects of the U.S. government shutdown. Linda Bilmes, Barron's, January 22

4 priorities in the race to build a sustainable global food system. Jane Nelson, World Economic Forum blog, January 18

Rohini Pande on Gender, Economic Development & De-biasing Academia. She the People, January 12

Summers says China's economy is facing the toughest time in 10-20 years. Larry Summers, Bloomberg, January 9

To avoid government shutdowns, fix the budget process. Linda Bilmes, Boston Globe, January 7

We must prepare now for the likelihood of a recession. Lawrence Summers, Financial Times, January 7

Serbia: China's Open Door to the Balkans. Philippe Le Corre, The Diplomat, January 1