2018 News Archive

Huawei and Europe's 5G Conundrum. Philippe Le Corre, The National Interest, December 27

The biggest emerging-market debt problem is in America. Carmen Reinhart, MarketWatch, December 22

Britain's immigration debate is not only about economics. Camilla Cavendish, Financial Times, December 21

The Trump Tax Cuts Boosted Growth and Jobs, but at What Cost? Jason Furman, Wall Street Journal, December 20

An economist's take on the Poland climate conference: The glass is more than half full. Robert Stavins, The Conversation, December 18

President Xi's visit to Portugal. Philippe Le Corre, China 24 (video), December 11

A special bully pulpit. Roger Porter, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, December 11

Parliament prepares as power drains away from Theresa May. Camilla Cavendish, Financial Times, December 7

Carbon markets could make the Paris climate deal more effective. Robert Stavins, PBS NewsHour, December 6

George H.W. Bush — the call of competition and character. Roger Porter, Boston Globe, December 6 

How George H.W. Bush governed can teach us all. Roger Porter, Deseret News, December 5

Washington may bluster but cannot stifle the Chinese economy. Lawrence Summers, Financial Times, December 4

Physicians have responsibility to patients to talk about the cost of care, prescriptions. Deborah Gordon, USA Today, December 3

The Case for Pausing the Interest-Rate Climb. Jason Furman, The Washington Post, November 27

Trump's trade wars and Brexit are making us all poorer. Jeffrey Frankel, The Guardian, November 27

EU moves to protect interests against predatory China. Philippe Le Corre, Financial Times, November 26

China's Golden Era in Portugal. Philippe Le Corre, The Diplomat, November 24

The untapped business opportunity of a good toilet experience could change the lives of billions. Cheryl Hicks and Myriam Sidibe, Thomson Reuters Foundation News, November 19

How Britain can heal its ailing social care system. Camilla Cavendish, Financial Times, November 9

Fed bashing is a fool's game. Lawrence Summers, Financial Times, November 5

Prevalence and Nature of Financial Considerations Documented in Narrative Clinical Records in Intensive Care Units. Deborah Gordon, Ihsaan Patel and Amelia Pellegrini, JAMA Network, November 2

Exposing China's Overseas Lending. Carmen Reinhart, Project Syndicate, October 31

This is China's Plan to Dominate Southern Europe. Philippe Le Corre, The National Interest, October 30

Big brands are fueling the business of nutrition. Myriam Sidibe and Jane Nelson, IPS, October 29

The false promise and limitations of pre-tax health accounts. Deborah Gordon and Anna Ford, The Hill, October 28

Social care funding: What can we learn from Germany and Japan? Camilla Cavendish, The BMJ, October 25

What washing your hands can teach you about global change. Paul Polman, Myriam Sidibe and Val Curtis, World Economic Forum, October 19

When is a Public/Private Partnership the Right Choice? Phil Gildan, Laura O'Connell, Nancy Torres and Brendan Chia, Urban Land Institute Magazine, Fall 2018

Currency Manipulation Isn't Among China's Trade Sins. Jason Furman, Wall Street Journal, October 15

Is the US forgetting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Linda Bilmes, The Boston Globe, October 11

The New and Not Improved NAFTA. Jeffrey Frankel, Project Syndicate, October 9

Puerto Rico Needs a Better Debt Deal. Antonio Weiss, Bloomberg, October 8

The United States of lots of different Americas. Lawrence Summers, Washington Post, October 8

We're entering the lawless age of health care. Deborah Gordon, The Hill, October 4

Trump Seen from China: The Other Side of the Coin? Philippe Le Corre, Institut Montaigne, September 17

The Crisis Next Time: What We Should Have Learned From 2008. Carmen Reinhart, Foreign Affairs, September 13

Bringing accountability to powerful, unelected officials. Lawrence Summers, Washington Post, September 13

Final Thoughts on Secular Stagnation. Lawrence Summers, Project Syndicate, September 6

Lehman Brothers former global chief economist on the 2008 financial crisis: Lessons learned, lessons missed. Paul Sheard, Bloomberg Quint, September 3

US will lack fiscal space to respond when next recession comes. Jeffrey Frankel, The Guardian, August 28

Aging, output per capita and secular stagnation. Lawrence Summers et al, National Bureau of Economic Research, August

How India can use better data and regulations to stop industries from choking its cities. Rohini Pande, The Indian Express, August 13

The West is getting China wrong. William Overholt, East Asia Forum, August 11

Trump hasn’t prepared us for the inevitable economic slowdown. Lawrence Summers, The Washington Post, August 6

Reining in Technology to Increase Democratic Legitimacy. Paul Tucker, The Regulatory Review, August 6

The real reason you're not getting a pay raise. Jason Furman, Vox, July 31

The cataclysmic cost of Trump's 'war on oceans'. Linda Bilmes, The Boston Globe, July 26

Europe should avoid a no-deal Brexit. Paul Tucker et al, Bruegel, July 24

Absurd to say Chinese are currency manipulators in recent years. Larry Summers, CNBC, July 20

Trump is hurting his own objectives criticizing the Fed. Jason Furman, CNBC July 20

Trump provides China an opening in Europe. Philippe Le Corre, Carnegie Europe, July 19

How immigrants can make the economy -- and the nation -- stronger. Jason Furman, MarketWatch, July 19

Is tax reform working? Not if you're a worker in need of a raise. Jason Furman, The Hill, July 10

The Economy Is Growing Faster Than The Government Says. Jason Furman, The Wall Street Journal, July 9

A jobs guarantee--progressives' latest big idea. Lawrence Summers, Financial Times, July 3

The West Scrutinizes Chinese Investment. Philippe Le Corre, YaleGlobal Online, July 3

U.S. is "playing with fire" over China Trade. Paul Tucker, CNN, June 26

Tariffs will hurt working people. Larry Summers, CNNi, June 26

Economy doing well but more to be worried about. Jason Furman, CNBC, June 25

Why a minor change to how EPA makes rules could radically reduce environmental protection. Joseph Aldy, The Conversation, June 18

New Senior Fellows welcomed to the Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government, June 6

Donald Trump’s trade policy violates every rule of strategy. Larry Summers, Financial Times, June 4

Italy's Long, Hot Summer. Carmen Reinhart, Project Syndicate, May 31

What does Trump want in his on again, off again China trade war? Jeffrey Frankel, The Hill, May 30

Sheila Jasanoff wins Albert O. Hirschman Prize, The Harvard Gazette, May 29

Central Banks Have Become Too Powerful, Former Banker Says. Paul Tucker interviewed on WBUR's Here and Now, May 25

Frederic M. Scherer: Over Half a Century--and Counting--of Seminal Scholarly Contributions. F.M. Scherer honored for his research in the Review of Industrial Organization, May 24

Chinese investment and influence in Europe. Philippe Le Corre's testimony before a House Foreign Affairs Committee subcommittee, May 23

A Rescue Plan for a Jobs Crisis in the Heartland. Edward Glaeser, Larry Summers and Ben Austin, New York Times, May 24

Remarks from Paul Tucker on his new book: Unelected Power: The Quest for Legitimacy in Central Banking and the Regulatory State

Don't Get Distracted by the Trade Deficit With China. Jason Furman, The Wall Street Journal, May 20

M-RCBG announces John Dunlop Undergraduate Thesis Prize winners. Press release here. May 17

HEEP awards 2017-2018 Student Paper Prizes. May 16

Emerging Markets are in Tougher Spot than '08 Crisis. Carmen Reinhart, Bloomberg, May 16

Why Britain Shouldn't Bank on A Free Trade Agreement with American After Brexit. Peter Sands and Ed Balls, Huffington Post, May 16 (Working paper can be found here.)

A Better Alternative to Payday Loans. Todd Baker and Snigdha Kumar, The Wall Street Journal, May 13

Amitabh Chandra wins the 2018 National Institute for Health Care Management (NIHCM) Research and Journalism Award, May 9

The threat of secular stagnation has not gone away. Larry Summers, Financial Times, May 6

America Can't Afford Ben Carson's Housing Cuts. Antonio Weiss, Bloomberg View, May 1

Why Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron will need to talk about China. Philippe Le Corre, South China Morning Post, April 25

Macron's visit will test the Franco-American Security Partnership. Philippe Le Corre, The National Interest, April 19

Why China Won't Yield to Trump. Jeffrey Frankel, Project Syndicate, April 17

The boom in Puerto Rican debt has nothing to do with reality. Lawrence Summers, Financial Times, April 17

No Taxpayer Bailout for Puerto Rico's Creditors. Antonio Weiss, Bloomberg, April 15

A debt crisis is coming. But don't blame entitlements. Jason Furman, The Washington Post, April 8

Donald Trump trade threats lack credibility. Lawrence Summers, Financial Times, April 8

The Right Way for Companies to Publicize Their Social Responsibility Efforts. Mark Kramer, Harvard Business Review, April 2

Whatever Happened to Saving for a Rainy Day? Carmen Reinhart, Project Syndicate, Mar. 30

A global observatory for gene editing. Sheila Jasanoff, Nature, Mar. 21

Is Technology Hurting Productivity? Jeffrey Frankel, Project Syndicate, Mar. 19

Why Tillerson's departure is bad for U.S. climate change policy. Robert Stavins, PBSNewsHour, Mar. 16

Five Reasons Why the Focus on Trade Deficits Is Misleading. Robert Z. Lawrence, PIIE, Mar. 13

Macroeconomic effects of the 2017 tax reform. Jason Furman, Brookings, March 8

Women in economics: Female achievement in a male-dominated field. Profile of Carmen Reinhart, OUPblog, Mar. 8

Saving men in the heartland: The case for place-based employment policies. Larry Summers, Brookings, Mar. 6

Currency markets send a warning on the US economy. Larry Summers, Financial Times, Mar. 4

The Fed Should Be Careful What It Wishes For. Carmen Reinhart, Project Syndicate, Feb. 28

Systemic Risk Council Comments on the Treasury Departments October 2017 Reports. Paul Tucker, Feb. 23

The Economic Message from Equity Markets. Jeffrey Frankel, Project Syndicate, Feb. 22

Trump is breaking the environment beyond repair. Linda Bilmes, Boston Globe, Feb. 20

The budget, the Trump economy, and how Democrats should respond. Jason Furman, Vox, Feb. 19

Congress' budget dysfunction is more than 4 decades in the making. Linda Bilmes, The Conversation, Feb. 9

Wells Fargo's board members are getting off too easy. Lawrence Summers, Washington Post, Feb. 9

Jay Powell's challenge at the Fed. Lawrence Summers, Financial Times, Feb. 5

Could the Renminbi Challenge the Dollar? Christopher Smart, Project Syndicate, Feb. 2

Remarks at the IADI/BIS FSI Conference, Resolution Policy and Resolvability at the Centre of Financial Stability Regimes? Paul Tucker, Feb. 1

The new geopolitics of Central Asia: China vies for influence in Russia's backyard. Philippe Le Corre, Brookings, Feb. 1

Trump takes credit for booming stocks, low unemployment. Lawrence Summers, MSNBC, Feb. 1

Trump's new strategy is America's old strategy: Gathering Allies. Philippe Le Corre, Belfer Center, Feb. 1

ACA marketplace plan issues threaten consumers' financial wellbeing. Deborah Gordon, The Observer, Jan. 31

Are Oil Prices Heading for Another Spike? Carmen Reinhart, Project Syndicate, Jan. 31

Why Treasury secretaries should stick with the strong dollar mantra. Larry Summers, Financial Times, Jan. 25

Sheila Jasanoff has been announced as winner of the prestigious Reimar-Lüst Award by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Jan. 25

Donald Trump's big choice at Davos. Larry Summers, Financial Times, Jan. 20

To improve global health, tax the things that are killing us. Larry Summers, Financial Times, Jan. 19

The Right Question About Inequality and Growth. Jason Furman, Project Syndicate, Jan. 19

France's Bloodless and Pro-European Revolution. Philippe Le Corre, Carnegie Europe, Jan. 19

Jason Furman and Antonio Weiss are among economists endorsing the fiscal stimulus plan for Puerto Rico: Puerto Rico cannot survive without massive fiscal stimulus and debt relief, top economists tell Trump and Congress. Jan. 18

Medicaid Work Requirements are Bad Policy and Bad for People. Deborah Gordon, The Observer, Jan. 18

Making America's deficits great again. Jeffrey Frankel, Project Syndicate. Jan. 18

Mental Health Services: The Luxury Donald Trump Can't Afford to Avoid. Deborah Gordon, The Observer, Jan. 12

The new geopolitics of Central Asia: China vies for influence in Russia's backyard. Philippe Le Corre, Brookings, Jan. 2

Does Trade Fuel Inequality? Jeffrey Frankel, Project Syndicate. Jan. 2

Can economic policy solve economic problems? Jason Furman, LiveMint, Jan. 1