2019 News Archive

We need a national conversation about our health care priorities. Katherine Baicker and Amitabh Chandra, Boston Globe, December 23

Six Tax Based Ways to Tackle US Inequality. Jeffrey Frankel, Project Syndicate, Dec 17

The Madrid climate conference's real failure was not getting a broad deal on global carbon markets. Robert Stavins, The Conversation, Dec 14

The Fed will likely stay put in 2020, Harvard Kennedy fellow says. Megan Greene, CNBC, Dec 12

Central bankers have a limited ability to tackle climate change. Megan Greene, Financial Times, Dec 12

A Second Podcast Discussion from the UN Climate Negotiations in Madrid. Robert Stavins, blog post, December 11

Despite Flaws, USMCA Deal Eases Uncertainty: Lawrence (Radio). Robert Lawrence, Bloomberg, December 10

Paul Sheard on Fed, ECB. Bloomberg, Dec 10

A Deep Dive into Modern Monetary Theory (see episode 11). Paul Sheard, Compound Insights, December 10

UN Climate Change Conference (COP25) is Focus of Discussion with Andrei Marcu in Newest Episode of "Environmental Insights". Robert Stavins, HEEP podcast, Dec 8

Last-mile hurdles in the reform of the ESM. Ignazio Angeloni, SAFE Policy Blog, December 6

What to Expect at COP-25 in Madrid. Robert Stavins, blog post, December 5

Report on the Proposed Changes to the Federal Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS). Joseph Aldy, et al, External Environmental Economics Advisory Committee, December 4

Our national parks are in crisis. Trump's solution is absurd. Linda Bilmes, Los Angeles Times, December 2

The Case for Old Fashioned Tariff Cuts. Jeffrey Frankel, Project Syndicate, November 27

Key Issues for the Global Economic Outlook (video). Paul Sheard, Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan, November 26

A divided Europe's China challenge. Philippe Le Corre, East Asia Forum, November 26

Most Likely Johnson-Led Tories Will Regain Majority. Paul Sheard, Bloomberg, November 25

Yes, our tax system needs reform. Let's start with this first step. Lawrence H. Summers, The Washington Post, November 17

The EU has hardly covered itself in glory with Brexit. Paul Sheard, Briefings for Brexit, November 11

The Public Pension Slow Burn: When is the Flash Point? Thomas J. Healey, Milken Institute Review, November 8

Warren's plan to finance Medicare-for-all pushes into dangerous and uncharted territory. Lawrence H. Summers, The Washington Post, November 5

Macron should carry the flag for Europe's values to China. Philippe Le Corre, Nikkei Asian Review, November 5

The politics of fiscal stimulus are problematic. Megan Greene, Financial Times, November 4

Gita Gopinath and Jason Furman discuss US-China trade tensions at JFK Jr. Forum. Jason Furman, Harvard Crimson, October 29

How a Weaponized Dollar Could Backfire. Jeffrey Frankel, Project Syndicate, October 23

HKS Panel Evaluates Causes and Future Implications of Brexit. Ed Balls, Paul Tucker and Pippa Norris, The Harvard Crimson, October 22

Boeing is dragging down the US economy. Megan Greene, Financial Times, October 21

Advanced Leadership Initiative appoints new managing director. Lisa Dreier, The Harvard Gazette, October 21

The Economic Value of National Parks. Linda Bilmes, Living on Earth podcast, October 18

Puerto Rico's Debt Deal Leaves No Room for Error. Antonio Weiss, Bloomberg, October 15

It's hard to predict U.S.-China trade war causing a recession. Paul Sheard, Bloomberg, October 9

We no longer share a common lived experience. Lawrence H. Summers, Washington Post, October 9

HKS hosts lecture on China's Belt and Road Initiative. Philippe Le Corre, Harvard Crimson, October 9

A note on the discount rate. Thomas Healey, Pensions and Investments, October 8

A summit worth celebrating. Roger Porter, Deseret News, October 3

U.S. ISM Factory Index Sinks to 10-Year Low of 47.8. Paul Sheard, Bloomberg, October 1

It's Time for German Fiscal Expansion. Jeffrey Frankel, Project Syndicate, September 30

Systems leadership can change the world, but what exactly is it? Lisa Dreier, David Nabarro, and Jane Nelson, World Economic Forum, September 24

Jason Furman on the Economy. Jason Furman, Bloomberg, September 24

National parks' economic benefits put at over $100B annually. Linda Bilmes, Harvard Gazette, September 23

Boosting Farmer Incomes in Agricultural Supply Chains. Joost Guijt, Beth Jenkins, Uwe Gneiting and Heather Pfahl, Stanford Social Innovation Review, September 23

The American Working Man Still Isn't Working. Jason Furman, Foreign Affairs, September 19

'Not Much': What macroeconomic data say about the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Jason Furman, AEIdeas, September 18

EU’s banking misfortunes share a common thread. Ignazio Angeloni, Financial Times, September 12

Jeffrey Frankel Says More. Q&A with Jeffrey Frankel, Project Syndicate,  September 9

Summers Sounds the Alarm. Q&A with Lawrence H. Summers, Wall Street Journal, September 8

Reviewing the Climate Crisis Town Hall. Q&A with Joseph Aldy, Project Living on Earth, September 6

Study minimizes impact of free community college. Christopher Avery, Inside Higher Ed, September 6

Launch a Pre-Emptive Strike Against Recession. Jason Furman, Wall Street Journal, September 5

Can Xi Jinping Succeed? William Overholt, YouTube video of  M-RCBG Business & Government Seminar

You May Be Experiencing Secular Stagnation. Lawrence H. Summers, NPR's Planet Money, September 3

If Business Roundtable CEOs are serious about reform, here's what they should do. Lawrence H. Summers, Washington Post, September 2

Young entrepreneurs driving Africa's agricultural transformation. Ndidi Nwuneli, Ventures Africa, August 26

The case for staying at work a decade longer -- or even more. Camilla Cavendish, Financial Times, August 23

Why Isn't Your Mutual Fund Sticking Up for You? Antonio Weiss, New York Times, August 23

Central banks have unlimited ammunition - if they choose to use it. Paul Sheard, Financial Review, August 23

Whither Central Banking? Lawrence H. Summers and Anna Stansbury, Project Syndicate, August 23

Trump is Losing the Trade War with China. Jason Furman, Wall Street Journal, August 19

A "No Deal" Brexit: The First Step to a Good Deal. Paul Sheard, Briefings for Brexit, August 19

Bilbao was built on innovation - can it repeat the miracle? Linda Bilmes, apolitical, August 7

We Should All Be Science Critics. Sheila Jasanoff, Scientific American, August 5

US economy showing 'loss of momentum' from trade war. Paul Sheard, MSNBC, August 3

Coming Face to Face with Lee Iacocca. Thomas J. Healey, July 17

Is Facebook Libra a Betrayal of Satoshi Nakamoto's Vision? Timothy Massad, Fortune, July 15

One thing to change: Everyone should vote. Archon Fung, The Harvard Gazette, July 12

Remarks from Paul Sheard at a June 27, 2019 panel event at the Hong Kong Association of New York/Ernst & Young on "Challenges and Opportunities for Other Countries in the Midst of the US-China Trade Tension." 

Is the China model a threat? William Overholt, East Asia Forum, July 12

Christine Lagarde enters the European Central Bank at a perilous moment. Lawrence H. Summers, Washington Post, July 8

Digital currency areas. Jean-Pierre Landau, CEPR Policy Portal, July 3

Central banks should issue digital currencies of their own. Jean-Pierre Landau, Financial Times, July 3

War with Iran will cost more than Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Linda Bilmes, Boston Globe, June 26

US and China need to go beyond a trade deal to share the burden of reshaping a new world order. Paul Sheard, South China Morning Post, June 26

Unlocking the Potential of Japanese Equities: Capturing the value of the Nikkei 225. Paul Sheard, June 25

Intelligence is not 'artificial': Humans are in charge. Steve Johnson, Boston Globe, June 25

The rise of the anti-vaxxers is bad news for business. Myriam Sidibe and Scott Ratzan, Financial Times, June 25

Coverage of the Northeast Workshop on Energy Policy and Environmental Economics. HEEP, June 25

Japan is Not Implementing MMT (PDF, English translation). Paul Sheard, Japan Weekly Economist, June 25

The question is not whether the Fed will cut rates but why. Megan Greene, Financial Times, June 20

Interview on US-China trade issues (PDF, English translation). Paul Sheard, South Korean E-Daily, June 20

The EU Will Reopen the Withdrawal Agreement. Paul Sheard, Briefings for Brexit, June 17

Giving Regulatory Cooperation a Reality Check. Elizabeth Golberg, The Regulatory Review, June 17

The Economist Who Helped Me Find My Calling. Lawrence H. Summers, The Wall Street Journal, June 12

The sparring over trade (Q&A). Robert Z. Lawrence, The Harvard Gazette, June 7

America's Forgotten Colony. Antonio Weiss, Foreign Affairs, July/August issue

ECB planting the seeds of a policy pivot. Paul Sheard, Bloomberg, June 6

What mental health services can teach us about a consumer health care model. Deb Gordon, The Hill, June 4

It's tempting for the Fed to move slowly. That would be a grave error. Lawrence H. Summers, The Washington Post, June 4

Salzburg Global Fellows Call for New Efforts to Promote Vaccination Acceptance. Statement co-author Scott Ratzan,  May 30

Making sense of the US-China Trade Negotiations (video). Paul Sheard, Bloomberg, May 27

M-RCBG announces winners of the 2019 John Dunlop Undergraduate Thesis Prize. May 24

Harvard Environmental Economics Program awards student prizes for the 2018-2019 academic year. May 24

China is Vulnerable But Deal Unlikely. Robert Lawrence, Bloomberg, May 17

Health Care Voters May Surprise Us. Deb Gordon, RealClear Politics, May 17

The tariffs are a means to an end, says former CEA chair. Jason Furman, CNBC, May 16

There's a revealing puzzle in the China tariffs. Lawrence H. Summers, Washington Post, May 14

Explaining Inflation Inertia. Carmen M. Reinhart, Project Syndicate, May 6

Controlling for Measles on College Campuses in Los Angeles and Nationally. Scott C. Ratzan, O'Neill Institute for National and Global Health blog, May 6

Addressing China's Global Strategy. Philippe Le Corre, Bonn International Security Forum

Medicare for All Should Not Be One Size Fits All. Deborah Gordon, Managed Care Magazine, April 30

It's Time to Rethink the Conventional Macroeconomic Policy Framework. Paul Sheard, The Bretton Woods Committee blog, April 29

Childhood vaccination must not become a wedge issue. Scott Ratzan, Financial Times, April 28

Further Thinking on the Costs and Benefits of Deficits. Jason Furman and Lawrence H. Summers, Peterson Institute for International Economics blog, April 22

In talks with Europe, China has shown willingness to compromise but will it make good on its commitment? Philippe Le Corre, South China Morning Post, April 14

The IRS chief must release Trump's tax returns--and Mnuchin must not stop him. Lawrence H. Summers, The Washington Post, April 9

The EU-China summit isn't going to be very cordial. Philippe Le Corre, CNBC, April 9

Attention Washington: Brussels is Getting Tough on China. Philippe Le Corre, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, April 8

Canada's establishment of an office of Ombudsperson for Responsible Enterprises (PDF). John Ruggie, April 8

Childhood vaccination: Testimony for the House Committee on Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies (PDF). Scott Ratzan et al, April 5

Do the Results of the EU Better Regulation Program Match Its Ambitions? Elizabeth Golberg, The Regulatory Review, April 1

Harvard's Paul Sheard Discusses the Latest Parliament Vote on Brexit (video). Paul Sheard, Bloomberg, March 31

UK to EU: Reopen the Withdrawal Agreement! Paul Sheard, Briefings For Brexit, March 31

Why 'no deal' Brexit could morph into 'many deals' future. Paul Sheard, Financial Review, March 27

A broader tax base that closes loopholes would raise more money than plans by Ocasio-Cortez and Warren. Lawrence H. Summers, The Boston Globe, March 27

Most CEOs Don't Have a Global Health Strategy. That Needs to Change. Peter Sands, Fortune, March 25

Unclear how China's Belt and Road plan would unfold in Italy (video). Philippe Le Corre, CNBC, March 22

Chinese companies must Europeanize for Europe. Philippe Le Corre, Nikkei Asian Review, March 22

Donald Trump and Xi Jinping are missing a trick over trade. Jeffrey Frankel, The Guardian, March 22

Alan Krueger helped make life better for millions who will never know his name. Lawrence H. Summers, The Washington Post, March 21

It's time to strengthen the regulation of crypto-assets. Timothy Massad, Brookings, March 18

Xi's Visit to Europe and China as a "Systemic Rival" (podcast). Philippe Le Corre, Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy, March 18

Mr. Xi's European Tour is Response to US-China Rift. Philippe Le Corre, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, March 18

Secular Stagnation Blog. Lawrence H. Summers, March 16

Brexit has become a Monty Pythonesque joke. Camilla Cavendish, Financial Times, March 15

Italy's Risky China Gamble. Philippe Le Corre, The Diplomat, March 14

Jason Furman's report, Unlocking digital competition, Report of the Digital Competition Expert Panel. Read more coverage here and here. March 13

On falling neutral real rates, fiscal policy, and the risk of secular stagnation. Lawrence H. Summers, Brookings, March 7

The risk to our economy from secular stagnation. Lawrence H. Summers, The Washington Post, March 7

States are failing on vaccinations. The federal government must lead. Scott Ratzan, The Washington Post, March 7

The left's embrace of modern monetary theory is a recipe for disaster. Lawrence H. Summers, The Washington Post, March 4

How a second Brexit referendum could be won — and lost. Camilla Cavendish, Financial Times, March 1

Trump Administration Warns Chinese Tech Giant Is A Security Threat. Philippe Le Corre (interview), NPR, February 27

Risky Retirement Business. Carmen Reinhart, Project Syndicate, February 26

Should Bold Ideas Drown Out Old Ideas? Jeffrey Frankel, Project Syndicate, February 25

No More 'Truth Decay'--It's time to stand up against anti-vaxxers. Scott Ratzan, MedPage Today, February 18

What Green New Deal advocates can learn from the 2009 economic stimulus act. Joseph Aldy, The Conversation, February 15

Amitabh Chandra elected to the National Academy of Social Insurance, February 14

Book talk on China's Crisis of Success (video). William Overholt, Center for Strategic and International Studies, February 10

M-RCBG releases new working paper on Revolution in Data: How new technologies are upending borrowing. Marshall Lux and Guillaume Delepine, February 8

No trade deal can dictate our relationship with China. Lawrence H. Summers, Washington Post, February 4

What to expect from the State of the Union. Elaine Kamarck, Brookings, February 4

M-RCBG releases working paper on Multisector Engagement for Sustainable Health (MESH). Scott Ratzan, February 2

The Euro at 20 Years. Jeffrey Frankel, Project Syndicate, January 25

Has economics failed us? Hardly. Larry Summers, Washington Post, January 25

The ripple effects of the U.S. government shutdown. Linda Bilmes, Barron's, January 22

4 priorities in the race to build a sustainable global food system. Jane Nelson, World Economic Forum blog, January 18

Rohini Pande on Gender, Economic Development & De-biasing Academia. She the People, January 12

Summers says China's economy is facing the toughest time in 10-20 years. Larry Summers, Bloomberg, January 9

To avoid government shutdowns, fix the budget process. Linda Bilmes, Boston Globe, January 7

We must prepare now for the likelihood of a recession. Lawrence Summers, Financial Times, January 7

Serbia: China's Open Door to the Balkans. Philippe Le Corre, The Diplomat, January 1