2022 News Archive

Proposal For A New US Social Safety Net: Direct Cash Support And One-Stop Shop. Aparna Mathur, Forbes. December 30, 2022

Science is the intellectual basis of climate change treaties - equity is at their heart. Robert Stavins, Times of India. December 24, 2022

Is a Global Recession Really Around the Corner? Jeffrey Frankel, Project Syndicate. December 22, 2022

What the Fed should do next on inflation. Lawrence H. Summers, Washington Post. December 19, 2022

Reframing Modern Geopolitics. Lawrence H. Summers, Paul Tucker. Bloomberg. December 15, 2022

New inflation report offers hope, but expert says we’re not out of woods yet. Jason Furman, Harvard Gazette. December 13, 2022

Return-Free Filing Would Revolutionize Americans’ Taxes. Thomas J. Healey, Barron's. December 13, 2022

We Can’t Just Sit Back and Let Crypto Burn. Timothy Massad, Barron's. December 6, 2022

How to Start Regulating the Crypto Markets—Immediately. Jay Clayton, Timothy Massad, Wall Street Journal. December 4, 2022

IRA's Impact on Biopharma Innovation with Amitabh Chandra. Amitabh Chandra, Vital Health Podcast. December 2, 2022

US job and wage growth beat expectations, making the Fed's job harder. Karen Dynan, Wilson Powell III, Peterson Institute for International Economics. December 2, 2022

Politically easier for China to get a European Covid vaccine rather than a U.S. one. Philippe Le Corre, Squawk Box Asia. December 1, 2022

The Best Higher Education Books of 2022. Richard Light and Allison Jegla, Forbes. December 1, 2022

Let the WTO Referee Carbon Border Taxes. Jeffrey Frankel, Project Syndicate. November 29, 2022

COP27 in Context. Robert Stavins and Raymond J. Kopp, Resources. November 28, 2022

Harvard guru gives Biden a D+ for China policy. William Overholt and Lawrence H. Summers, Asia Times. November 23, 2022

Glimmers of movement, hope at COP27. Robert Stavins, Harvard Gazette. November 23, 2022

US job growth is slowing, but the labor market remains very hot. Jason Furman, Wilson Powell III, Peterson Institute for International Economics. November 4, 2022

Will slower wage growth dampen inflation? Jason Furman, Wilson Powell III, Peterson Institute for International Economics. November 3, 2022

Engaging Israel in the Belt and Road Initiative: China’s Techno-Nationalism in the Middle East. Zeying Wu, Richard Yarrow, New Nationalisms and China's Belt and Road Initiative. October 30, 2022

Fifteen Questions: Sheila Jasanoff on STS, Objectivity, and Alternative Facts. Sheila Jasanoff, The Crimson. October 27, 2022

Why Do Americans Vote for Extremists? Jeffrey Frankel, Project Syndicate. October 27, 2022

Thailand's economy stuck in the middle. Richard Yarrow, East Asia Forum. October 23, 2022

Thailand’s Economic Dilemmas in Post-Pandemic Asia. Richard Yarrow, Yusof Ishak Institute. October, 2022

Thinking Through the China Hype. William Overholt, The International Economy. October 21, 2022

Europe's Fissures with China Deepen. Philippe Le Corre, Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation. October 18, 2022

When Climate Collaboration Is Treated as an Antitrust Violation. Matteo Gasparini, Knut Haanaes, and Peter Tufano, Harvard Business Review. October 17, 2022

Quantitative easing, monetary policy implementation and the public finances. Paul Tucker, Institute for Fiscal Studies Report R223. October, 2022

Saudi Arabia Swings Toward Russia. Edoardo Campanella, Project Syndicate. October 13, 2022

A New Chance for the World Bank. Lawrence H. Summers, Project Syndicate. October 10, 2022

Young people still want to learn about politics. Richard Yarrow, The Washington Post. October 7, 2022

High Inflation Makes for a Hard Road Ahead. Karen Dynan, Peterson Institute for International Economics. October 6, 2022

IMF-World Bank meetings are the last stop before a coming economic storm. Lawrence H. Summers and Masood Ahmed, Washington Post. October 5, 2022

The Fed Has to Stay the Course Against Inflation. Jason Furman, Wall Street Journal. October 5, 2022

The destabilisation wrought by British errors will not be confined to Britain. Lawrence H. Summers, Financial Times. October 5, 2022

The Trussonomics Warning. Jason Furman, Project Syndicate. October 4, 2022

Climate Spending Czar. Joseph Aldy, Living on Earth. September 30, 2022

How to Regulate Stablecoins Without Passing Any New Laws. Timothy Massad, Bloomberg. September 21, 2022

In the Dollar We Trust. Jeffrey Frankel, Project Syndicate. September 21, 2022

Putin’s losses in Asia are greater than in Ukraine. William Overholt, The Hill. September 21, 2022

Data analysis and intelligent policy design—not good intentions—will fix health care post COVID. Amitabh Chandra and Soroush Saghafian, HKS PolicyCast. September 20, 2022

What To Expect from the Twentieth Congress of the Chinese Communist Party. Tony Saich, The Wire China. September 18, 2022

How did Queen Elizabeth II become a cultural icon? Roger Porter, Deseret News. September 17, 2022

How to Converge the US and European Antitrust Approaches Toward Big Tech. Michal Halperin, Promarket. September 8, 2022

Curbing an Unlikely Culprit of Rising Drug Prices: Pharmaceutical Donations. Leemore Dafny, Promarket. September 6, 2022

A tight US labor market stays tight. Jason Furman and Wilson Powell III, Peterson Institute for International Economics. September 2, 2022

The EU, US and Asia. Economy as a Weapon? Philippe Le Corre, ISPI (Istituto per gli Studi di Politica Internazionale). September 1, 2022

The Beveridge curve still indicates low probability for a soft landing. Alex Domash and Lawrence H. Summers, Medium. August 30, 2022

A miss in the Inflation Reduction Act: Better paid leave policies. Aparna Mathur, Hastings Tribune. August 30, 2022

Energy is a human right – we must end our reliance on gas to tackle this crisis. Chris Skidmore, The House. August 26, 2022

A Democratic Economist’s Case Against Biden’s Student-Loan Plan. Jason Furman, The Atlantic. August 26, 2022

Why Commodity Prices are Likely to Fall Further. Jeffrey Frankel, Project Syndicate. August 23, 2022

Will the prices of oil and other commodities keep dropping? Jeffrey Frankel, The Los Angeles Times. August 23, 2022

How the Chinese Communist Party went from rebel to ruler in 100 years. Anthony Saich, HKS Behind the Book. August 22, 2022

Designing Energy Tax Credits to Drive Greater Emission Reductions. Joseph Aldy, The Environmental Forum. August 22, 2022

Europe is cheering for Taiwan, but its hands are full with Ukraine. Philippe Le Corre, Nikkei Asia. August 18, 2022

Closing loopholes and raising revenue, new tax reforms will be crucial to the success of the Inflation Reduction Act. Jay Rosengard, HKS. August 16, 2022

How to revive Afghanistan’s economy? Taliban reforms, country’s ex-central bank says. Ajmal Ahmady, Marketplace Morning Report. August 16, 2022

Afghanistan, one year after the fall. Ajmal Ahmady, First Move with Julia Chatterley. August 15, 2022

Understanding the US China Rivalry. Eduardo Campanella, Project Syndicate. August 12, 2022

One Good Inflation Report Isn't Enough. Jason Furman, Wall Street Journal. August 11, 2022

Can Amazon remake health care? Amitabh Chandra, Harvard Gazette. August 10, 2022

Larry Summers details how Senate plan will reduce inflation. Lawrence H. Summers, The Harvard Gazette. August 9, 2022

Record US productivity slump in first half of 2022 risks higher inflation and unemployment. Jason Furman and Wilson Powell, III, Peterson Institute of International Economics. August 9, 2022

No signs of inflation relief in July jobs report. Karen Dynan and Jason Powell, III, Peterson Institute of International Economics. August 5, 2022

Improving Quality in Cardiothoracic Surgery: Exploiting the Untapped Potential of Machine Learning. Agni Orfanoudaki, The Annals of Thoracic Surgery. August 4, 2022

America's Wage Price Persistence Must Be Stopped. Jason Furman, Project Syndicate. August 2, 2022

The Fed is wrong: Lower inflation is unlikely without raising unemployment. Olivier Blanchard, Alex Domash and Lawrence H. Summers, Peterson Institute of International Economics. August 1, 2022

The Schumer-Manchin Bill Will Ease Inflation and Climate Change. Jason Furman, Wall Street Journal. July 28, 2022

Ukraine Offers No Easy Lessons on Taiwan. William Overholt, GlobalAsia. July 25, 2022

The Quants in the Room. Jason Furman, Foreign Affairs. July/August 2022

Is the US in Recession? Jeffrey Frankel, Project Syndicate. July 18, 2022

Lawrence Summers on the Principles of a Multipolar System. Lawrence H. Summers, The Wire China. July 17, 2022

The quiet, compelling leadership of Shinzo Abe. Roger Porter, Deseret News. July 14, 2022

The US labor market is not showing signs of a recession.  Jason Furman and Wilson Powell III, Peterson Institute for International Economics. July 12, 2022

US job market provides hopeful signs against recession and inflation, but other data are worrisome. Jason Furman and Wilson Powell III, Peterson Institute for International Economics. July 8, 2022

Past and present inflation are more similar than you think. Lawrence H. Summers, World Economic Forum. June 28, 2022

How the European Stability Mechanism can help Italy. Ignazio Angeloni, Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum. June 28, 2022

Antitrust and Rule by Judges. Paul Tucker, ProMarket. June 27, 2022

Does International Trade Weaken or Strengthen Countries' Resilience? Jeffrey Frankel, Project Syndicate. June 20, 2022

If the Metaverse Is Left Unregulated, Companies Will Track Your Gaze and Emotions. Tom Wheeler, Time. June 20, 2022

History repeats itself with Big Tech’s misleading advertising. Tom Wheeler, Brookings. June 15, 2022

Solar Geoengineering Would Be Radical. It Might Also Be Necessary. David Keith, Freakonomics. June 10, 2022

Harvard Economist Dale Jorgenson Found Better Ways to Gauge Productivity. Dale Jorgenson, Wall Street Journal. June 10, 2022

Inflation Isn't Recession. The Chances of a Downturn Are Lower Than People Think. Jeffrey Frankel, Barron's. June 8, 2022

China’s age of construction is far from over, given the need for infrastructure to improve quality of life and revive the economy. Richard Yarrow, South China Morning Post. June 7, 2022

The U.S. and Europe Have Different Inflation Problems. Jason Furman, Wall Street Journal. June 6, 2022

Balance of Power: White House Messaging on Inflation. Jason Furman, Bloomberg. June 6, 2022

Strong US jobs report for May should not change Fed plans. Karen Dynan and Wilson Powell III, Peterson Institute for International Economics. June 3, 2022

The Path Forward: The U.S. Economy. Lawrence H. Summers, Washington Post. May 31, 2022

Will US Consumers Keep Spending? Jason Furman, Project Syndicate. May 31, 2022

Get Ready for Reverse Currency Wars. Jeffrey Frankel, Project Syndicate. May 25, 2022

New Dividing Lines in Asia in the Light of War and Pandemics. Philippe Le Corre, Asia Society. May 24, 2022

Elon Musk, the Buffalo shooting, Texas, and Internet free speech. Tom Wheeler, Brookings. May 23, 2022

Fragmentation monster looms again for ECB. Ignazio Angeloni, OMFIF. May 18, 2022

The Ukraine War's Impact on Sino-European Relations. Philippe Le Corre, Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation. May 17, 2022

Food insecurity is a bigger problem than energy. Megan Greene, Financial Times. May 16, 2022

Even with Moves toward Transparency, Corporate Climate Pledges and Carbon Offsets Will Be Complicated. Marc Hafstead, William Pizer, Joseph E. Aldy, Margaret Peloso, Alex Rau, Resources. May 12, 2022

Things may look shaky, but recession isn’t certainty. Jason Furman, Harvard Gazette. May 11, 2022

Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Has Jeopardized the China-EU Relationship. Philippe Le Corre, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. May 10, 2022

From denarii to smartphones (PDF). Ignazio Angeloni and Daniel Gros, Aspenia. May 5, 2022 (Article published by Aspenia (n. 95-96), journal of Aspen Institute Italy directed by Marta Dassu).

Private-debt risks are hiding in plain sight. Carmen Reinhart and Leora Klapper, World Bank Blogs. May 5, 2022

Nostalgia dies last. Edoardo Campanella, Project Syndicate. May 3, 2022

A Global Tax System is Good for the U.S. Jason Furman, Wall Street Journal. May 2, 2022

Measuring and Mis-measuring China’s Scientific Rise. Richard Yarrow, The Wire China. April 24, 2022

Now's the time for an energy demand strategy. Chris Skidmore, The Sunday Times. April 21, 2022

What's driving inflation if it's not the supply chain? Jason Furman, Los Angeles Times. April 20, 2022

This Inflation is Demand-Driven and Persistent. Jason Furman, Project Syndicate. April 20, 2022

How do hospital closures in the United States impact patient care? Soroush Saghafian, HKS. April 13, 2022

King Dollar is in no danger of losing its world financial crown. Megan Greene, Financial Times. April 12, 2022

Even in a Hot Economy, Wages Aren't Keeping Up With Inflation. Jason Furman, Wall Street Journal. April 12, 2022

EU-China Opinion Pool: The EU-China Summit 2022. Philippe Le Corre, Merics. April 12, 2022

Shining a light on debt. Ceyla Pazarbasioglu, Carmen Reinhart, International Monetary Fund. Spring 2022

My inflation warnings have spurred questions. Here are my answers. Lawrence H. Summers, The Washington Post. April 5, 2022

Antitrust Reform: A Litigation Perspective. Jonathan Sallet, Antitrust, Vol. 36, No. 2. Spring 2022

Theodore White’s reporting of famine in Henan saved lives. Richard Yarrow, SupChina. March 31, 2022

U.S. regulatory inaction opened the doors for the EU to step up on internet. Tom Wheeler, Brookings. March 29, 2022

Biden's Better Plan to Tax the Rich. Jason Furman, The Washington Post. March 28, 2022

Inflation - Roaring Back: How Far Will It Go? Paul Sheard, The Foreign Correspondent's Club of Japan. March 25, 2022

Puncturing myth of purity of science, technology. Sheila Jasanoff, Harvard Gazette. March 22, 2022

These Russian sanctions are different. Jeffrey Frankel, Project Syndicate. March 18, 2022

Climate change, Ukraine and pitfalls of international goodwill. Wake Smith, The Hill. March 18, 2022

How the sanctions war on Putin's Russia could reshape the world economic order. Jeffrey Frankel and Meghan O'Sullivan, HKS PolicyCast. March 17, 2022

The stock market liked the Fed’s plan to raise interest rates. It’s wrong. Lawrence H. Summers, Washington Post. March 17, 2022

The EU must decide how to fund its Ukraine response. Megan Greene, Financial Times. March 16, 2022

Domestic gas is not the solution to Britain’s energy security. Chris Skidmore, CAPX. March 15, 2022

History suggests a high chance of recession over the next 24 months. Alex Domash and Lawrence H. Summers. March 15, 2022

The Fed is charting a  course to stagflation and recession. Lawrence H. Summers, The Washington Post. March 15, 2022

US gasoline prices are relatively moderate compared to historical levels. Alex Domash and Lawrence H. Summers, Medium. March 12, 2022

US Climate Change Policy in An Era of Political Polarization. Robert Stavins, An Economic View of the Environment blog. March 11, 2022

The 2022 Holberg Prize is awarded to U.S. scholar Sheila Sen Jasanoff for her pioneering research in the field of Science and Technology Studies. Sheila Jasanoff, The Holberg Prize. March 10, 2022

Will the EU join the Russian energy embargo? Megan Furman, Prospect. March 10, 2022

Will anchored inflation expectations actually anchor inflation? Jason Furman, Peterson Institute for International Economics. March 10, 2022

No panic in Furman's reaction to inflation data, but plenty of uncertainty. Jason Furman, Harvard Gazette. March 10, 2022

The Treasury Option: How the US can achieve the financial inclusion of a CBDC now. Howell Jackson and Timothy G. Massad, Brookings. March 10, 2022

Bad News About the Good Inflation News. Jason Furman, Wall Street Journal. March 6, 2022

Managing the US National Debt. Paul Sheard, Horasis USA Meeting 2022 (YouTube). March 5, 2022

US gained surprising number of jobs in February but wage growth was nearly flat. Jason Furman and Wilson Powell, III, Peterson Institute of International Economics. March 4, 2022

Sensible Climate Targets Must Consider Costs as Well as Benefits. Wake Smith, Bloomberg Law. March 3, 2022

Balancing Interests and Threats: Challenges for Korea's Next President. William Overholt, AsiaGlobal Online. March 2, 2022

Sanctions will devastate the Russian economy—will they destabilise the west’s? Megan Greene, Prospect. March 2, 2022

Fighting the Last Inflation War. Jeffrey Frankel, Project Syndicate. February 24, 2022

The GI Bill was one of the worst racial injustices of the 20th century. Congress can fix it. Linda Bilmes and Cornell William Brooks, The Boston Globe. February 23, 2022

The ECB must move slowly on interest rates. Megan Greene, Financial Times. February 23, 2022

France will not vacate the Indo-Pacific anytime soon. Philippe Le Corre, Nikkei Asia. February 21, 2022

America’s flawed democracy is in deep—possibly fatal—trouble. Alex Keyssar and Archon Fung, HKS PolicyCast. February 17, 2022

Some lessons from Covid-19 for the EU financial framework. Ignazio Angeloni, “Supervisory architecture in Europe – Lessons from crises in the 21st century”. Edward Elgar Publishing. February 15, 2022

China’s Climate Commitments Face Major Challenges. Henry Lee and Dan Schrag, The National Interest.  February 13, 2022

Which Matters More: A Booming Economy or Spiking Inflation? Jason Furman, The Ezra Klein Show.  February 8, 2022

Summers says pandemic only partly to blame for record inflation. Lawrence H. Summers, Harvard Gazette.  February 4, 2022

US employment jumped in January, despite Omicron wave. Karen Dynan and Wilson Powell, III, Peterson Institute for International Economics.  February 4, 2022

The Biden stimulus is admirably ambitious. But it brings some big risks, too. Lawrence H. Summers, Washington Post.  February 4, 2022

Italy’s government faces big hurdles after botched presidential election. Ignazio Angeloni, OMFIF.  February 3, 2022

Why US workers will return to the labour market. Megan Greene, Financial Times. February 2, 2022

US wages grew at fastest pace in decades in 2021, but prices grew even more. Jason Furman and Wilson Powell, III, Peterson Institute for International Economics. January 28, 2022

Are vaccination mandates government overreach? Jeffrey Frankel, Project Syndicate. January 25, 2022

Puerto Rico's recovery depends on getting its government back. Antonio Weiss, Bloomberg. January 25, 2022

Harvard Project Conducts Research Workshop on Subnational Climate-Change Policy in India. Robert Stowe. January 21, 2022

Did the FAA cry wolf on 5G? Tom Wheeler, Brookings. January 21, 2022

Review of "China’s Emergence as a Power in the Mediterranean: Port Diplomacy and Active Engagement." Philippe Le Corre, H-Diplo. January 19, 2022

Why did almost nobody see inflation coming? Jason Furman, Project Syndicate. January 17, 2022

DisrupTV Episode 263, Grant Halloran, Darren Heffernan, Paul Sheard, Marsha Collier. Paul Sheard. DisrupTV.  January 14, 2022

Four reasons to keep worrying about inflation. Jason Furman, Wall Street Journal. January 13, 2022

Afghanistan's Former Central Bank Chief on the Dire State of the Country's Economy. Ajmal Ahmady, Bloomberg. January 13, 2022

#MeetTopEnvEcon – Robert Stavins. Robert Stavins, Express Views Podcast. January 11, 2022

Information chaos in public health. Alexandra Schweitzer, CommonWealth Magazine. January 9, 2022

The US labor market recovered rapidly in 2021 but still fell short even before Omicron wave. Jason Furman, Peterson Institute for International Economics. January 7, 2022

Betting on US transitory inflation is still valid. Megan Greene, Financial Times. January 7, 2022

Efficiencies in Horizontal Mergers: 2020 Jerry S. Cohen Award Winners for Antitrust Scholarship, Nancy Rose and Jonathan Sallet, Unpack the Debate in Merger Enforcement with Guest Host Roger Noll. Jonathan Sallet, American Antitrust Institute. January 5, 2022

Interview with Prof. Soroush Saghafian. Soroush Saghafian, INFORMS. January, 2022

NATO Looking East: The Case of China. Philippe Le Corre, Fondation pour la Recherche Strategique. January 5, 2022