Location: Rubenstein 304, Harvard Kennedy School, 79 JFK Street, Cambridge, MA 02138
June 13-14, 2019

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Supported by the Harvard University Center for the Environment, the Harvard Environmental Economics Program, and the Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government

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June 13

Breakfast and Introductions

Mike Abito (University of Pennsylvania), Christopher R. Knittel (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Konstantinos Metaxoglou (Carleton University), Andre Trindade (Brazilian School of Economics and Finance)
The Role of Output Reallocation and Investment in Incomplete Environmental Regulation
Discussant: Cuicui Chen (SUNY-Albany)

Alexander MacKay (Harvard University), Ignacia Mercadal (Columbia University)
Shades of Integration: The Restructuring of the U.S. Electricity Markets

Coffee break

Andrea La Nauze (University of Pittsburgh)
Motivation, Signaling and Peer Effects: Evidence from Rooftop Solar and Household Green Power Purchases
Discussant: Todd Gerarden (Cornell University)

Wancong Fu (Syracuse University), Chong Li (American Express), Jan Ondrich (Syracuse University), David Popp (Syracuse University)
Technological Spillover Effects of State Renewable Energy Renewable Policy: Evidence from Patent Counts


Student egg-timers (5 minutes each)
Saleh Zakerinia (Cornell University) Climate Change Policy: Dynamics, Strategy, and the Kyoto Protocol
Jonghyun Yoo (Yale University) Climate Change Uncertainty
Qitong Wang (Tufts University) Coal Mining Activity and Opioid Mortality
Marta Talevi (LSE/Yale University) Output-based Incentives for Residential Solar PV: Demand Responsiveness, Cost-Effectiveness, and Alternative Policy Scenarios
Daniel Stuart (Harvard University) Estimating the Impacts of EPA Regulation and Enforcement on Industrial Activity
Marten Ovaere (Yale University) The Value of Renewables: Observational and Experimental Evidence from the United States and Europe
Shefali Khanna (Harvard University) The Value of Electricity Reliability in India
Nahim Bin Zahur (Cornell University) Long-term Contracts, Market Power and Efficiency in the Liquefied Natural Gas Industry
Patrick Behrer (Harvard University) Raising Wages, Raising Pollution: Unintended Environmental Consequences of Anti-Poverty Programs
Megan Bailey (Harvard University) RGGI and Fossil Efficiency
Sarah Armitage (Harvard University) Instrument Choice, Irreversible Investment, and the Welfare Implications of Pricing Carbon

Robert Stavins (Harvard University)
The Future of U.S. Carbon-Pricing Policy

Coffee break

Marc A. C. Hafstead (Resources for the Future), Roberton C. Williams (University of Maryland)
Distributional Effects of Environmental Regulation across Workers: A General-Equilibrium Analysis

Mathias S. Kruttli (Board of Governors to the Federal Reserve System), Brigitte Roth Tran (Board of Governors to the Federal Reserve System), Sumudu W. Watugala (Cornell University)
Pricing Poseidon: Extreme Weather Uncertainty and Firm Return Dynamics
Discussant: Lint Barrage (Brown University)

Dinner: Benedetto, Charles Hotel, 1 Bennett Street, Cambridge

June 14


Karen Clay (Carnegie Mellon University), Margarita Portnykh (Carnegie Mellon University), Edson Severnini (Carnegie Mellon University)
Toxic Truth: Lead and Fertility
Discussant: Nicholas Sanders (Cornell University)

Geoffrey Barrows (Ecole Polytechnique), Teevrat Garg (University of California—San Diego), Akshaya Jha (Carnegie Mellon University)
Local Health Costs and Economic Benefits of Power Plants in India
Discussant: Valerie Karplus (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Coffee Break

Panle Jia Barwick (Cornell University), Shanjun Li (Cornell University), Liguo Lin (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics), Eric Zou (Cornell University)
The Value of Pollution Information: Evidence from China’s Air Quality Disclosure

Ujjayant Chakravorty (Tufts University), Manzoor Dar (International Rice Research Institute), Kyle Emerick (Tufts University)
Inefficient water pricing and incentives for conservation
Discussant: Casey Wichman (Resources for the Future)


Thomas R. Covert (University of Chicago), Richard L. Sweeney (Boston College)
Relinquishing Riches: Auctions vs Informal Negotiations in Texas Oil and Gas Leasing
Discussant: Cynthia Lin Lawell (Cornell University)

Benjamin Leard (Resources for the Future), Joshua Linn (Resources for the Future), Katalin Springel (Resources for the Future)
Pass-Through and Welfare Effects of Regulations that Affect Product Attributes

Kenneth Gillingham (Yale University), Sébastien Houde (ETH Zurich), Arthur van Benthem (University of Pennsylvania
Consumer Myopia in Vehicle Purchases: Evidence from a Natural Experiment

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Supported by the Harvard University Center for the Environment, the Harvard Environmental Economics Program, and the Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business & Government.