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Video featuring several M-RCBG faculty affiliates (00:09:59)

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September 26, 2016: Brigitte Madrian at WealthTrack, Retirement Solutions (00:26:48)

September 26, 2016: Jennifer Lerner at WGBH News, Do You Have Voter Stress Disorder? (00:06:48)

February 26, 2016: Jeffrey Frankel at BloombergBusiness, Do Currency Interventions Actually Work? (00:07:20)

January 21, 2016: Jeffrey Frankel at BloombergBusiness, Why Don't Markets Believe the PBOC (00:04:05)

December 4, 2015: Linda Bilmes at Reinvent, Seven Things Every American Should Know About Military Spending Post-9/11 (00:05:11)

August 25, 2015: Lawrence Summers on CNBC, See substantial risks of significant instability (00:02:27)

June 22, 2015: Lawrence Summers on CNN, Why Germany's solution won't work for Greece (00:01:37)

May 20, 2015: Lawrence Summers on CNBC, Larry Summers: Economic growth is 'not inspiring' (00:04:42)

March 18, 2015: Jeff Frankel on CNBC, Fed will drop 'patient' stance for freedom: Pro (00:04:19)

November 20, 2014: Linda Bilmes quoted in HKS video, Somerville Resurgent (00:04:22)

September 21, 2014: Lawrence Summers on Fox News' Sunday Morning Futures, Larry Summers on the state of the economy (00:07:39)

August 14, 2014: M-RCBG faculty on their research and how it impacts the intersection between business and government (00:09:59)

June 2, 2014: Jeffrey Frankel on Fox News, How do President Obama's policies affect the economy? (00:06:03)

May 16, 2014: A Conversation with Lawrence Summers (01:09:39)

April 24, 2014: Dodd & Frank on Dodd-Frank: The Politics Behind its Passage (01:01:07)

Fall 2013: M-RCBG Director Lawrence Summers discusses his research priorities (00:02:37)

August 23, 2013: Carmen Reinhart on why emerging markets could get ugly (00:05:36)

June 20, 2013: Lawrence Summers' one-on-one talk at the Israeli Presidential Conference (00:21:25)

June 13, 2013: Jeffrey Frankel on Fox Business News, Treasuries will rise to 4% (00:03:29)

May 16, 2013: Lawrence Summers on Reuters, U.S. economy best in 15 years (00:09:32)

May 6, 2013: Thomas Healey, M-RCBG senior fellow, delivers an M-RCBG business & government seminar entitled "What Happens if Interest Rates Go Up 500 Basis Points?" (01:11:06)

April 26, 2013: A conversation with Felipe Calderon and David Ellwood (01:12:05)

April 25, 2013: Jeffrey Frankel on Fox Business, Harvard Professor Says Fracking Good For Environment (00:03:49)

April 16, 2013: Gary Gensler, Chairman of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, delivers a Regulatory Policy Program seminar entitled "Swaps Market Reform: Increasing Transparency and Lowering Risk" (01:06:19)

March 14, 2013: Robert Lawrence, Albert L. Williams Professor of International Trade and Investment at the Harvard Kennedy School, delivers a business and government seminar entitled "Rising Tide: Is Growth in Emerging Economies Good for the United States?" (01:06:56)

March 13, 2013: Jonathan Wiener, Duke University Law School, delivers an RPP seminar entitled "The Reality of Precaution: Comparing Risk Regulation in the United States and Europe" (00:50:48)

February 28, 2013: Maureen Cropper, University of Maryland, delivers an RPP seminar entitled "The Health Effects of Coal Electricity Generation in India: Implications for Pollution Regulation" (01:08:22)

February 26, 2013: Lawrence Summers on Charlie Rose, discussing the health of the U.S. economy (00:31:46)

February 26, 2013: Lawrence Summers on CNBC, Seeking balance on Capitol Hill (00:08:01)

February 20, 2013: Lawrence Summers on CNN, Summers on forced budget cuts (00:00:29)

February 19, 2013: Lawrence Summers delivers keynote address at a tax law conference marking the 100th anniversary of the 16th amendment, Larry Summers Talks Tax at USC Gould (01:19:51)

February 14, 2013: Michael W. Toffel, Harvard Business School, delivers an RPP seminar entitled "Reinforcing Regulatory Regimes: How States, Civil Society, and Codes of Conduct Promote Adherence to Global Labor Standards" (01:05:55)

January 24, 2013: Lawrence Summers on Bloomberg TV, "Can't Look to Austerity for Growth" (00:03:02)

January 16, 2013: Lawrence Summers on Bloomberg TV, "Why the U.S. Will Avoid Default" (00:03:40)

January 15, 2013: Lawrence Summers on the Asian Financial Forum, "Market Liberalization in 2013" (00:05:21)

December 6, 2012: Lawrence Summers on NBCNews, "Tax Talks and Tactics" (00:03:43)

November 28, 2012: Lawrence Summers on MSNBC's Morning Joe, "A High Grade for the Administration" (00:11:19)

November 15, 2012: Nancy Nord, Commissioner with the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission, delivers an RPP seminar entitled "Mandatory Regulatory at Independent Agencies (00:51:01)

November 5, 2012: Lawrence Summers on the auto bailout and the election on CNN's Starting Point (00:02:00)

October 31, 2012: Joseph Aldy on the U.S. Energy Debate: American Conversation Essentials (00:03:15)

October 26, 2012: Lawrence Summers on CNBC's Squawk Box, "Political Risks of Fiscal Cliff" (00.8.28)

October 26, 2012: Lawrence Summers on CNBC's Squawk Box, "'Silver Lining' in Soft Earnings" (00.8.53)

October 24, 2012: Brigitte Madrian on Saving and Investing at Huffington Post (00.2.53)

October 18, 2012: Ed Haldeman, Former CEO of Freddie Mac, delivers the 2012 Annual Robert Glauber Lecture: Freddie & Fannie: Where They've Been, What to Do With Them (00.53.24)

October 12, 2012: Linda Bilmes on the U.S. National Debt: American Conversation Essentials (00.05.40)

October 11, 2012: Lawrence Summers at Huffington Post, "This is the Daughter of Voodoo Economics" (00.05.07)

October 11, 2012: Cary Coglianese, Richard Zeckhauser and Matthew Baum deliver an RPP panel discussion on "Regulatory Breakdown: The Crisis of Confidence in U.S. Regulation (01.07.20)

October 5, 2012: Lawrence Summers discusses pro-growth tax reform at the Carnegie Corporation (02.02.31)

October 4, 2012: James Hammitt, Professor of Economics and Decision Sciences at the Harvard School of Public Health, delivers an RPP seminar entitled "Positive v. Normative Justification for Benefit-Cost Analysis" (01.00.35)

September 24, 2012: Michael Spindelegger, Austrian Vice Chancellor and Foreign Minister, delivers an M-RCBG seminar entitled "Responding to European and International Challenges: Austria's Foreign Policy" (00.50.18)

September 24, 2012: Rimantas Žylius, Minister of Economy, Lithuania, delivers M-RCBG seminar entitled "Economic Crisis: A Window of Opportunity to Implement Vital Reforms" (01.02.33)

September 20, 2012: David Vogel delivers an RPP seminar on "The Politics of Precaution: Regulating Health, Safety, and Environmental Risks in Europe and the United States" (01:09:51).

September 13, 2012: Robert Stavins delivers an RPP seminar on "The SO2 Allowance Trading System: The Ironic History of Grand Policy Experiment" (01:00:48).

September 10, 2012: Lawrence Summers interviewed on proposed job plans (CNN: 00:03:38).

August 15, 2012: Roger Porter on how Romney and Ryan complement each other (Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Lateline: 00:13:27).

July 9, 2012: The Future of X: Larry Summers on Higher Education (The Atlantic: 00:03:25).

July 2012: Corporate-Community Dialog: An Introduction (00:31:26)

June 18, 2012: Jeffrey Frankel on Economics: American Conversation Essentials (00:03:15)

June 4, 2012: Larry Summers Talks Jobs (CNBC's Squawk Box: 00:07:17).

May 29, 2012: Larry Summers: What Kind of Inequality is OK?: American Conversation Essentials (00:03:06)

May 15, 2012: Larry Summers on why JP Morgan Loss Proves Banks Need Bigger Capital (Reuters' Freeland File: 00:02:05).

May 10, 2012: Larry Summers on The Kudlow Report, "The Architect of Obamanomics (CNBC Video: 00:08:16).

May 3, 2012: Larry Summers on US Tax Policy (Brookings Institution/CSPAN: 01:18:00).

April 12, 2012: Diana Farrell delivers an RPP seminar on "Financial Regulatory Reform: Innovation in Regulatory Design and Implementation (01:01:11).

March 23, 2012: Jean Claude Trichet delivers the Malcolm Wiener Lecture in International Political Economy (01:18:44).

March 1, 2012: Andrew Metrick delivers an RPP seminar on "Regulating the Shadow Banking System" (01:03:53).

February 25, 2012: Amy Wilkinson on creating an entrepreneurial culture (C-SPAN Video Library: 01:24:00).

January 27, 2012: Larry Summers on whether German success can extend to the rest of Europe (Reuters' Freeland File: 00:12:20).

December 11, 2011: Robert Stavins on an economic perspective on climate change policy  (00:42:36).

November 22, 2011: A Conversation with Larry Summers: The Beattie Family Speakers Series in Business Law  (01:15:34).

November 2, 2011: Larry Summers participates in Buttonwood simulation  (The Economist: 00:30:09).

August 7, 2011: Larry Summers: S&P downgrade is "outrageous" (CNN State of the Union with Candy Crawley: 00:12:49).

July 20, 2011: Larry Summers says "gang of six" plan very constructive start  (Bloomberg Television, InBusiness with Margaret Brennan: 00:07:46).

July 20, 2011: Larry Summers on default danger  (CNN with Fareed Zakaria: 00:08:24).

July 12, 2011: Larry Summers on Charlie Rose  (00:27:32).

June 15, 2011: "Making Monkey Business": Building Company/Community Dialog in the Philippines  (00:34:39).

October 1, 2010: Jane Nelson on the importance of fast-growth entrepreneurs in emerging markets/countries  (00:2:33).