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21 February 2017
John Ruggie comments on Thun Group of Banks Discussion Paper on the Implications of UN Guiding Principles 13 & 17 In a Corporate and Investment Banking Context

15 February 2017
CRI Chair and author of the UN Guiding Principles John Ruggie delivered a keynote address this week on Responsible Supply Chains at the G20 Labor and Employment Meeting in Hamburg, Germany

14 November 2016
Keynote address by Professor John Ruggie at the UN Forum on Business and Human Rights

29 September 2016
The Corporate Responsibility Initiative has cooperated with Business Fights Poverty, CARE, UKAid, SAB Miller and Citi on a guide for companies to strengthen micro-enterprises market systems. The report highlights the key challenges micro-enterprises face and the transformational opportunity to take a collaborative, market system approach to enabling micro-enterprises to thrive within corporate value chains. Based on a series of multi-stakeholder  consultations and case study research, the guide focuses on five success factors that are critical for strengthening micro-enterprise market systems through collaboration. Details of the online discussion to launch the guide and other feedback are available on: http://bit.ly/2d9csuC




The Social Construction of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. June 2017 | John G. Ruggie

Multi-stakeholder Initiatives: Lessons from agriculture. April 2017 | Simon Winter, et al.

The role of Multi-stakeholder Initiatives in promoting the resilience of smallholder agriculture to climate change in Africa. April 2017 | Simon Winter, et al.

Growing Together: Strengthening micro-enterprises in value chains. September 2016

Supporting Research in Neglected Tropical Diseases: Lessons from AbbVie's Neglected Diseases Initiative. July 2016 | Jane Nelson

“For the Game. For the World.” FIFA and Human Rights.
April 2016 | John G. Ruggie

Full Report: TACKLING GLOBAL CHALLENGES: Lessons in System Leadership from the World Economic Forum’s New Vision for Agriculture Initiative.
Executive Summary:TACKLING GLOBAL CHALLENGES: Lessons in System Leadership from the World Economic Forum’s New Vision for Agriculture Initiative.
January 2016 | Jane Nelson and Beth Jenkins

Business and the United Nations: Working together towards the Sustainable Development Goals: A Framework for Action. November 2015 | Jane Nelson and Business Fights Poverty 


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