fbpx About GrowthPolicy | Harvard Kennedy School

GrowthPolicy is a web portal that brings together recent research by Harvard faculty about economic growth. Our goal is to disseminate Harvard research to a broad audience in order to inform debate about the role of policy in achieving stability in our financial systems and shared, sustainable economic prosperity.

How do we best promote economic growth? Where will the jobs of the future come from?  What should be done about growing inequality?  How do we address economic crises?  These four questions are of importance to people everywhere, and they form the underlying structure to the GrowthPolicy website.

Harvard faculty are studying the underlying causes of unemployment, inequality, and economic instability.  They are developing recommendations and testing the most promising policy solutions.  GrowthPolicy highlights the work of economists, lawyers, political scientists, historians, sociologists, and educators from across Harvard’s undergraduate and graduate schools.  The content is a diverse mix of blog posts, opinion pieces, interviews, cases, and conference presentations.

Our goal in bringing this research together is to make it available to those in positions to use it. We welcome your suggestions for any improvements you'd like to see.

The GrowthPolicy Project Team: Matt MurrayDevjani RoyScott LelandVictoria Groves-Cardillo