May 29, 2021, Video: "Megan Greene has been a leading voice in global macroeconomics on both sides of the Atlantic for the past 15 years. She was previously the Global Chief Economist at Manulife/John Hancock Asset Management, where she was responsible for forecasting global macro trends and providing analysis to support the firm’s investment teams around the world. Prior to working at Manulife, Megan ran her own London-based economics consulting practice, Maverick Intelligence, serving global private sector clients as well as a number of governments and central banks. Megan cut her teeth as an international economist by covering Europe through the depths of the euro crisis, first at the Economist Intelligence Unit and then running the European research team at Roubini Global Economics. She first became renowned for her coverage of the euro crisis in 2008, when she correctly predicted a Greek government bailout and eventual debt write down. A leading expert on the euro crisis, her views were widely sought on the German, Irish, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Cypriot and German economies as well. Additionally, she advised both the UK House of Commons and House of Lords on the Brexit referendum.." Watch on Age of Economics

Part 1 - Why does economics matter?

Part 2 - What are the differences between economic science and economic engineering?

Part 3 - What role does economics play in society? Does it serve the common good?

Part 4 - Does economics do a good job in addressing the other issues people care about?

Part 5 - Should economists be held accountable for their advice?

Part 6 -Does economics explain Capitalism? How would you define Capitalism?

Part 7 - Can global Capitalism survive in its current form?

Part 8 - Is Capitalism the best one to serve the needs of humanity?

MRCBG Senior Fellow - Megan Greene