• Lucian Bebchuk


The Agency Problems of Institutional Investors. Lucian Bebchuk, Summer 2017, Paper, "Financial agency result from problems economics the dispersion between and corporate of  corporate ownership governance managers in large have publicly and long shareholders traded focused corpora- on that the Financial agency problems between corporate managers and shareholders that result from the dispersion of ownership in large publicly traded corporations. In this paper, we focus on how the rise of institutional investors over the past several decades has transformed the corporate landscape and, in turn, the governance problems of the modern corporation. The rise of institutional investors has led to increased concentration of equity ownership, with most public corporations now having a substantial proportion of their shares held by a small number of institutional investors. At the same time, these institutions are controlled by investment managers, which have their own agency problems vis-à-vis their own beneficial investors. These agency problems are the focus of our analysis." Link