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Professor of the Practice of Public Policy, HKS; Professor of the Practice of Economics, FAS


The Best Practices On Bailouts, As Congress Debates Coronavirus Stimulus. Karen Dynan, March 23, 2020, Audio "Congress is promising help for those affected by the coronavirus - help for small businesses, help for big businesses and help for individuals. But first, lawmakers have to work together to pass a stimulus package worth nearly $2 trillion. And so far, working together has meant failed procedural votes and bitter partisan debate in the Senate. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands have been laid off, and many small-business owners don't know if they'll be able to open again when the crisis abates. So how can Congress get this right? Well, to help us answer that question, I'm joined now by Karen Dynan. She's a professor of economics at Harvard. She was the chief economist at the Treasury from 2014 to 2017, and she served as a senior economist on George W. Bush's Council of Economic Advisers." Link