• Charles Wang


February 2021, Paper: "For helpful comments and suggestions, we are grateful to Renee Adams, Yakov Amihud, Lucian Bebchuk, Sanjeev Bhojraj, Ryan Buell, Amanda Convery (GM conference discussant), Rafael Copat (FARS discussant), Fabrizio Ferri, Joseph Gerakos (Dartmouth discussant), Ron Gilson, Jeff Gordon, Oliver Hart, Paul Healy, Dan Ho, William Johnson, Marcel Kahan, Bob Kaplan, Louis Kaplow, Daniel Malter, Grant McQueen, Lynn Paine, Krishna Palepu, Mark Roe, Tatiana Sandino, Holger Spamann, and Pian Shu, and to workshop participants at the Cornell Johnson School of Management; the 2016 FARS conference; Yale School of Management; London Business School; Harvard Law School; Stanford GSB; Stanford Law School; the American Law and Economics Association Annual Meeting; the George Mason Conference on Investor Protection, Corporate Governance, and Fraud Prevention; the 2016 Global Corporate Governance Colloquium; the Tsinghua International Corporate Governance Conference; the Dartmouth Accounting Research Conference; Harvard Law, Economics, and Organization Seminar; and Brigham Young University. We thank Natasha Dodge, Marc Fagin, Yiming Qian, Kyle Thomas, and Raaj Zutshi for excellent research assistance. "

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