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Harvey Brooks Research Professor of International Science, Public Policy and Human Development


September 10, 2020, Paper: "Adaptation 1 has long been an important focus of sustainability science, addressed by a broad range of research traditions. Scholars of risk 2 have highlighted the deep and interlinked uncertainties that are a common property of the Anthropocene System and latent in all nature–society interactions (Keys et al. 2019). Scholars of vulnerability 3 have focused on places or subpopulations likely to lack or lose access to the resources needed to secure people’s well-being in the face of threats (Adger 2006). Resilience 4 researchers have explored how the characteristics of the Anthropocene as a complex system both support and constrain adaptation (Folke 2016). Research on innovation 5 (Binz and Truffer 2017) and complexity economics (Elsner 2017) have emphasized how uncertainty and disturbance provide not just threats but also opportunities for novel ways of using resources to advance well-being. "