• James Engell


The CFR Task Force Report on “U.S. Education Reform and National Security”: A Reply and a Response. James Engell, October 1, 2012, Paper. “During the last fifty years, America often has acted wisely to remain secure and to secure freedom for others. However, during that same time, significant failures of American foreign policy have stemmed from an ignorance of history, religion, culture, and language. These failures damaged national security, weakened the nation’s economy, and added greatly to its debt. No matter what one’s view of the Vietnam War, involvement in Nicaragua and El Salvador, sending marines to Lebanon, prolonged wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, America’s role in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, or our comparatively small engagement with Africa while China pushes full bore on that continent, the mistakes involved in deciding to wage wars, promulgating long wars, and carrying out relations with unstable nations cannot trace their origins to technical, scientific, or entrepreneurial shortcomings, nor to failures of our public schools …” Link