• Dustin Tingley


October 22, 2022, Book: "Gazmararian thanks the Niehaus Center for Globalization and Governance and the Survey Research Center, both at Princeton University, for supporting the local survey work in Appalachia. Tingley thanks the Roosevelt Project and the Andrew Mellon foundation (through the Harvard Fellows at the Forefront program) for supporting some of the survey work presented in this book. The Harvard University Center for the Environment and the Harvard Fellows at the Forefront program helped to provide research assistant support. We particularly thank Thor Reimann, Christina Li, Shirleen Fang, Alison Hu, Jaya Nayar, and Alice Zhang for research assistance. We thank Micha¨el Aklin, Michelle Anderson, Stephen Ansolabehere, Inˆes Azevedo, Marshall Burke, Bruce Cain, Jonathan Guy, Alison Hu, Nate Jensen, David Lewis, Robert Keohane, Matto Mildenberger, Krzysztof Pelc, Michael Ross, Nita Rudra, Ken Scheve, David Victor, and seminar participants at Princeton, Stanford, the University of Pittsburgh, and the 2022 American Political Science Association for comments and advice. We appreciate the dedicated work of our survey partners including Allison Corbett and the Qualtrics team, Nathan Lee and the CivicPulse team, and Dritan Nesho and Jason Sclar at HarrisX in conjunction with the Center for American Political Studies at Harvard University."