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Co-Director, Center for Public Leadership
Co-Director, Women and Public Policy Program
Roy E. Larsen Senior Lecturer in Public Policy and Management
Director, Bloomberg Center for Cities at Harvard University
Emma Bloomberg Senior Lecturer in Public Policy and Management

Additional Authors:

  • Amy Edmondson


July 6, 2023, Paper: "In 2019, Joyce Craig, the newly elected mayor of Manchester, New Hampshire, was grappling with two major crises: The city was reporting an opioid-related death every few days, and chronic homelessness was rising. Mayor Craig charged a task force with addressing both these issues, as their causes and symptoms seemed to overlap. The task force included representatives from nonprofits, the business community, academia, and government, including city hall. While everyone agreed they needed to act urgently, perspectives on what the problem was exactly and how to solve it varied widely. Some people were primarily concerned about fatal overdoses, others worried about order and safety in public spaces, and still others emphasized the lack of economic opportunity and affordable housing. The mayor’s call to address these issues holistically made sense to the task force, but where and how should they start when the group was so divided and the problem was so complex?"