• James Heskett


July 5, 2021, Opinion: "I will always remember November 11, 1977 as the day I drove a Ford Pinto into the employee parking lot of the General Motors Technical Center in Detroit. My vehicle was the only Ford product in a sea of GM cars and trucks. I had been late arriving in Detroit. The Pinto was the last vehicle for rent. I had hoped to sneak into the lot unseen. Unfortunately, the GM customer service team, for whom I was an outside consultant, spotted me as I entered the lot. The roasting that followed was ferocious. It seemed good-natured. I assumed that it would recede shortly. I was wrong. Throughout that project, I was the butt of an unending series of asides from executives who had never driven anything but new GM products and relied on their assistants to keep them serviced. They had been denied experiences important to their understanding of how to improve their products and services."

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