• Edoardo Campanella


Fall 2023, Paper: "COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine have exposed the vulnerabilities
of deep economic integration. Shortening supply chains, rebuilding domestic pro-
duction capacity, and diversifying suppliers have become a priority for govern-
ments and companies around the world. As outlined by the President of the
European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde, there is a clear shift in the nature
of global trade from dependence to diversification, from efficiency to security,
from globalization to regionalization, and from the market to the state. 1
Whether this global reordering will lead to safer trade and a safer world is an
open question. The greatest threat to a stable restructuring of the global
economy is represented by the growing lure of self-reliance, which has inspired
strategies of “de-risking” across the most important jurisdictions. 2" Read Via the Washington Quarterly