HKS Affiliated Authors

Professor of Public Policy, HKS; Sturgis Hooper Professor of Geology and Professor of Environmental Science and Engineering, FAS

Additional Authors:

  • Kurt Zenz House
  • Michael Aziz


Electrochemical Acceleration of Chemical Weathering as an Energetically Feasible Approach to Mitigating Anthropogenic Climate Change. Michael Aziz, Kurt Zenz House, Daniel Schrag, December 15, 2007, Paper. "We describe an approach to CO... capture and storage from the atmosphere that involves enhancing the solubility of CO... in the ocean by a process equivalent to the natural silicate weathering reaction. HCl is electrochemically removed from the ocean and neutralized through reaction with silicate rocks. The increase in ocean alkalinity resulting from the removal of HCl causes atmospheric CO... to dissolve into the..." Link