HKS Affiliated Authors


July 9, 2022, Video: "In this ‘Cloister-Talk’, Lee C. Buchheit (University of Edinburgh) and Carmen Reinhart (World Bank), moderated by Mitu Gulati (University of Virginia School of Law) analyse the current scenarios of Sovereign Debt crises emerging worldwide and the connections with the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent war in Ukraine. The discussion also focused on how the scenario has changed since the arrival of China as new main creditor in opposition to the Paris Club. The talk took place in the framework of the 5th edition of the Interdisciplinary Sovereign Debt Research and Management Conference, held in Florence on 25-26 May 2022. The Florence School of Banking & Finance is a European platform bringing together practitioners and academics from the Banking and Finance sector to develop a common culture of regulation and supervision in the European Union. It does so through training and policy debate, in close interaction with its network of leading academic institutions."

HKS Faculty Author - Carmen Reinhart