• Ariel Dora Stern


July 2024, Paper: "The Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) breakthrough therapy designation (BTD) program was created to increase patient access to safe and effective therapies by supporting the efficient clinical development of qualifying, clinically meaningful therapies. Using a new data set of key development milestones for drugs approved between 2006 and 2020, including both BTD drugs and a set of comparator drugs identified by FDA experts, we estimated the BTD program’s impact on time spent in late-stage clinical development, measured as the elapsed time between a drug’s end-of-Phase-II meeting with regulators and its approval for marketing. Our analysis suggests that the BTD program lowers late-stage clinical development time by 30 percent. Our findings provide insight into future regulatory and innovation policies aimed at driving efficiency in medical product development to ensure timely patient access to the most clinically meaningful therapies."