• Adi Sunderam
  • Emil Siriwardane


Financial Market Risk Perceptions and the Macroeconomy. Emil Siriwardane, Adi Sunderam, , Paper, "In this appendix, we provide details about the data construction for all variables used in the main text. We then present a battery of tests and additional analysis demonstrating the robustness of the relationship between the real rate and PVSt. In addition, we show that roughly 90% of the covariation between the real rate and PVSt stems from the fact that the real rate forecasts future returns on the vol-sorted portfolio. We also relate PVS to objective and subjective measures of expected risk for aggregate macroeconomic variables and the aggregate stock market, showing that PVS is related to expected risk, and that this connection is most evident for subjective measures of risk that reflect both public and private firms.  Moreover, we offer complementary VAR and local projection evidence that shocks to risk perceptions, as measured by PVSt, lead to a boom in the real economy. We also document that periods of high risk perceptions coincide with investor outflows from high-volatility mutual funds. Finally, we provide proofs for the propositions contained in the model section of the main text." Link