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September 30, 2021, Opinion: "One characteristic of a successful 21st-century city is the opportunity it offers for businesses owned by women and people of color to flourish. In this respect, Boston is falling short. The city fails to make it onto any of the major “top 20″ lists for entrepreneurship, investment, and contracting to small and disadvantaged companies. A recent disparity study commissioned by former mayor Marty Walsh details Boston’s abysmal performance. Between 2014 and 2019, the city awarded 47,801 contracts worth $2.2 billion. Just 1.2 percent went to Black- and Hispanic-owned businesses. Under 11 percent went to firms that were owned by women or any minorities. This data is consistent with a recent finding that Massachusetts’ total share of contracts to Black and Hispanic companies declined by 20 percent in recent years."

HKS Author - Linda Bilmes