• William Kerr


March 10, 2022, Paper: "Immigration is a central topic in public and public policy debates and will remain a critical issue in the foreseeable future. To reflect this importance and create a forum for exchange between economists and policymakers, the OECD’s Immigration Unit and CEPII, a French public think-tank belonging to the Prime Minister’s Office, jointly created an annual conference on ‘Immigration in OECD countries’ in 2010. They have been joined by the Luxembourg Institute on Socio-Economic Research (LISER) in 2020. Since the beginning, the conference has taken place in December at the OECD headquarters in Paris with additional support from scientific partners such as the Fondazione Rodolfo De Benedetti, IRES (Louvain), the University of Luxembourg, the University of Lille and the Paris School of Economics. Over the years, it has hosted keynote lectures by scholars such as Christian Dustmann, Leah Platt-Boustan, Assaf Razin, Tim Hatton, George Borjas, Richard Freeman, Alberto Alesina, Giovanni Peri,... "

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