• Debora Spar
  • Edoardo Campanella


April 27, 2023, Video: "Staving off a climate catastrophe and reaching Net Zero by 2050 is an unprecedented herculean challenge that will require a profound transformation of our economies and societies. This will inevitably come with fundamental questions: are businesses hampering the green transition, or can they be a powerful catalyst to accelerate it? How can governments accompany the change? Or should they lead it, taking a more active role in the economy? This hybrid panel discussion included Debora Spar, Jaime and Josefina Chua Tiampo Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School and Senior Associate Dean for Business and Global Society; and Alessio Terzi, economist at the European Commission and author of "Growth for Good." The panel was moderated by Edoardo Campanella, M-RCBG senior fellow and senior global economist at UniCredit Bank." Watch Via M-RCBG on Youtube