• Elhanan Helpman
  • Kenneth Rogoff
  • Gita Gopinath


Handbook of International Economics. Gita Gopinath, Elhanan Helpman, Kenneth Rogoff, February 22, 2014, Book. "Increasing returns, imperfect competition and the positive theory of international trade (P. Krugman). Technology and trade (G.M. Grossman, E. Helpman). International trade theory: The evidence (E. Leamer, J. Levinsohn). Strategic trade policy (J.A. Brander). Political economy of trade policy (D. Rodrik). International rules and institutions for cooperative trade policy (R. Staiger). Estimating the effects of trade policy (R.C. Feenstra)..." May require purchase or user account. Link Verified October 11, 2014