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Professor of Public Policy, HKS; Joan and Julius Jacobson Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health, HSPH

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  • Nancy Krieger


March 21, 2022, Video: "When economist Dana Peterson set out to quantify the economic toll of racism against Black Americans, she came up with an estimate of $16 trillion — over just the past two decades. Discriminatory lending, wage disparities, and inequities in access to higher education, among other factors, have limited the Black community’s ability to generate personal wealth and economic growth. Other communities of color have had similar experiences. And the impact goes far beyond the economy: Each of these factors also takes an enormous toll on the health and well-being of people of color. This panel brings together economic, scientific, and policy experts to discuss how we can build a more equitable and healthier future for everyone. Presented with The Emancipator."

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