July 11, 2023, Paper: "In labour force statistics, two characteristics of jobs are relevant to differentiate them according to status in employment and to arrange them into aggregate groups. These are the type of authority that the worker is able to exercise in relation to the work performed and the type of economic risk to which the worker is exposed. In the current International Classification of Status in Employment (known as ICSE-18) hierarchy based on authority, there are two aggregate groups: Independent and Dependent Workers and five statuses: employer, own account worker (“independent worker without employee”), employee, dependent contractor and contributing family worker. The category of “dependent contractors” was added as part of the revision of the earlier ICSE-93 in a resolution adopted at the International Conference of Labour Statisticians in October 2018. “Industrial outworkers” including those who work in their own homes, called “homeworkers”, will be classified under this new status."