• Timothy Massad


November 1, 2023, Video: "This hybrid hands-on workshop covered the basics of Web3 - no previous background knowledge required. Learn how to get a wallet and self-custody your digital assets. You will also learn how to create your own token and your own decentralized autonomous organization.Instructor: Steve Derezinski, who has taught Blockchain Ventures at MIT Media Lab, Babson and MIT Bitcoin club, and has been involved in Blockchains since 2016. The workshop is based on the semester-long classes he taught. He has an S.B. in mechanical engineering from MIT and an MBA from Sloan.This workshop does not constitute and does not offer investment or legal advice. The Digital Assets Policy Project is not encouraging anyone to invest in crypto-assets, which are largely unregulated, volatile in price, and pose a high risk of loss. This workshop is offered for the purpose of helping students understand how the technology works, not to promote its use for investment or any other purpose." Watch Via M-RCBG on Youtube