• Matthew Weinzierl


August 12, 2021, Audio: "July was an exciting month for space enthusiasts of all sorts. From Richard Branson’s suborbital flight to Jeff Bezos’ launch, the era of private space travel has truly arrived. SpaceX and Blue Origin may be making the headlines, but they are far from the only companies involved in the emerging space economy. And at the same time, NASA intends to continue manned missions to the Moon with its Artemis program.  In a recent event hosted by the American Enterprise Institute, John Roth, Rich Boling, Mike Gold, and Matthew Weinzierl discussed the present and future of space commerce, from tourism to manufacturing and beyond.  John Roth serves as vice president of business development for Sierra Space, a subsidiary of the Sierra Nevada Corporation. Richard Boling is vice president of corporate advancement at Techshot. Mike Gold is executive vice president of civil space business development and external affairs at Redwire Space. And Matthew Weinzierl is the Joseph and Jacqueline Elbling Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School."

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