• Rosabeth Kanter


2021, Opinion: "The author discusses what she terms "outside the building" issues, such as climate change, pandemics, and racial/gender justice. These complex issues are “beyond the boundaries of single organizations.” As she writes, “I call this new leadership for the future ’advanced’ leadership, because of its broader scope and, at the same time, more limited formal power, which challenges leaders more than an official mandate does.” She references former First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama, the late leadership author Warren Bennis, and the academics Robert Putnam (famous for his book Bowling Alone), Sherry Turkle, and others. The author observes that “Innovation and change can’t follow a fixed script. The work is more like improvisational theater, which takes shape in response to observer feedback.” While it may seem that society is hopelessly divided and gridlocked, there are hopeful signs: “When more people flex their leadership muscles and find the courage to take on big problems, they exude the optimism of activism. That positive energy can be contagious and can unite us in new ways. By undertaking the daunting, yet meaningful, task of making a difference in the world, advanced leaders can transform the lives of many people—including the leaders themselves.”