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March 2021, Paper: "Loreto is a place of contrasts. Located on the western flank of the Amazon jungle, it is by far Peru’s largest state in terms of size, but also among those with the lowest population density. Its capital, the city of Iquitos, sits on the western bank of the Amazon River, surrounded by tributaries Nanay and Itaya. It is closer to the Brazilian and Colombian borders than it is to the capitals of its nearest Peruvian neighbor states, San Martín and Ucayali. Iquitos can only be accessed by plane or riverboat, making it one of the largest cities in the world to lack road access. Despite boasting an important endowment of natural resources which has attracted many visitors and adventurers over the years, Loreto remains one of Peru’s poorest states, and has some of the worst social, health and child malnutrition indicators in the country."

HKS Author - Ricardo Hausmann