• Frank Dobbin


2020, Book Chapter, "For decades, employers have used formal grievance procedures to handle both discrimination and harassment complaints. The system seems straightforward: If an employee believes they were subject to harassment or discrimination, they file a formal complaint with human resources. The employer promises an investigation followed by disciplinary action if the investigators find a violation of company policy. But in practice, complainants often face career-ending retaliation and the investigation is often inadequate. Procedures that provide confidentiality for the accused can prevent serious investigation and protect serial abusers. To avoid the pitfalls of the formal complaint system, employers should adopt a menu of alternatives, including ombuds programs and dispute resolution systems. The formal grievance system can then be reserved for cases where the misbehavior is particularly egregious. In addition, employers need to address the systemic factors in the workplace that lead to discrimination, harassment, and retaliation for publicizing misbehavior." 

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