• Claudia Goldin


April 12, 2024, Video: "Distinguished economist Claudia Goldin is the Henry Lee Professor of Economics at Harvard University, the 2023 Nobel Prize Laureate in Economic Sciences, and one of TIME’s 2024 Women of The Year. This week, host Charlotte Alter sits down with Goldin for a captivating conversation on the evolution of women's participation in the workforce. Claudia shares the exhilarating moment she was awarded the Nobel Prize and her path to discovering a deep-seated passion for economics, and sheds light on the complex intersection of economics and gender equality. The pair also discuss Claudia's unconventional advice to her students about planning their futures and her reflections on the new lifecycle of women’s employment. Tune in for a masterclass on the economic history of the American woman, and enlightening lessons on progress, policy, and personal growth."