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June 2023, Book Chapter: "Chapter 17 - Partnerships for the Goals, by Jane Nelson (Pg. 329).  I. Finance (Targets 17.1 to 17.5), II. Science and Technology (Targets 17.6 to 17.8), III. Policy and Institutional Coherence (Targets 17.13 to 17.15)
IV. Multistakeholder Partnerships (Targets 17.16 and 17.17) A.  Federal and State-level Alliances B. Local, Place-based Community-level, Rural, or City Partnerships C. Industry-led Collective Action D. Partnerships to Reinvigorate and Leverage U.S. Global Leadership V. Data, Monitoring, and Accountability (Targets 17.18 and 17.19), VI. Conclusion." Learn More Via the Environmental Law Institute