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May 2023, Book Chapter (17) - “Partnerships for the Goals.”: Sustainable development may be one of the most important and potentially transformational ideas to come out of the last century. The ultimate objectives of sustainable development are freedom, opportunity, justice, and quality of life for everyone in this and future generations. While the United States has a substantial body of environmental and social protection laws, we are far from being a sustainable society. The question is what to do.

This book provides a detailed set of recommendations for federal, state, tribal, territorial, and local governments, as well as the private sector and civil society organized around the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. The various contributions that personal behavior can make toward both public and private governance are included as well. These recommendations would help make America a better place for all. Every American has a role to play.

Book: Partnerships for the Sustainable Development Goals (Dernbach, John C and Scott E. Schang (eds). Governing for Sustainability. Environmental Law Institute, 2023