• Jon Jachimowicz


July 6, 2022, Paper: "Pursuing passion for work is highly valuable to both employees and their organizations. However, many employees struggle to pursue and maintain their passion over time, a challenge which may be exacerbated by underlying inequalities. The papers in this symposium demonstrate the pitfalls and underlying inequalities which complicate the pursuit of passion. Across four presentations, we show that (1) the experience of passion is fundamentally self-limiting, that (2) employees do not give up on a job with poor working conditions because of their passion, (3) gender inequalities in the household place an additional burden on women’s pursuit of passion, and (4) mid-performing passionate men are better evaluated than mid-performing passionate women. Together, these presentations recast our understanding of passion, demonstrating that passion can at times drain employees, and may even exacerbate underlying inequalities."

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