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October 19, 2022, Video: "Jason Furman, former chair of President Obama’s council of economic advisors, Former Virginia Governor and DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe, USA Today White House Bureau Chief Susan Page, and Editor-at-large of the Bulwark Charlie Sykes join Andrea Mitchell to discuss President Biden’s plan to release another 15-million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in December. Furman tells Mitchell, “The problem with gasoline prices is that they’re largely outside the President’s control. I think he's done the right things with the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. But you can see that if OPEC plus wants something else to happen, something else can happen.” Furman explains what effect the plan realistically will have on gas prices less than three weeks out from midterm elections: “You can't change them a lot in a two week period of time. You can even change them a lot in a two month or two year period of time.”"