• Benjamin Friedman


February 12, 2021, Video: "Professor Friedman is an expert on economic policy, and has written extensively on the broader relationship of economics to other lines of thinking. He will discuss his new book with political economist Dr Katherine Trebeck. His new book "Religion and the Rise of Capitalism" is a major reassessment of the foundations of modern economic thinking, examining the profound influence of an until-now unrecognized force – religion. Professor Friedman shared his research into how religious thinking has shaped economic thinking ever since the beginnings of modern Western economics. In addition, he will focus on how early religious influences continue to shape our current-day debate over economic policy. Dr Katherine Trebeck is a Political Economist and advocate for economic system change. For the past few years she has led Advocacy and Influencing work for the Wellbeing Economy Alliance – a global collaboration she co-founded in 2018, the same year she co-founded WEAll Scotland."

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