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Ford Foundation Professor of International Political Economy


Putting Global Governance in its Place. Dani Rodrik, June 2019, Paper, "In a world economy that has become highly integrated, problems always seem to require more international cooperation and better global governance. The populist backlash and U.S. President Donald Trump’s trade antics, if anything, have added fuel to the economists’, technocrats’ and commentariat’s call for more internationalism. ““[V]irtually every problem destabilizing the world in this plastic moment is global in nature and can be confronted only with a coalition that is global…” wrote the New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman recently.2 Or as Nemat Shafik, then the time the deputy managing director of the International Monetary Fund, put it in 2013, “what happens anywhere affects everybody—and increasingly so. So it is pretty clear that the world needs more, not less, international coordination and cooperation.” " Link