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April 28, 2022, Video: "On Thursday, April 28, 2022, The Hamilton Project and Hutchins Center hosted an in-person event, which was also livestreamed online, featuring an introductory welcome from former U.S. Treasury Secretary Robert E. Rubin, the keynote address from Secretary Yellen, and closing remarks from Glenn Hutchins, North Island. The event also included two roundtable discussions focusing on how well the federal economic policy responses were designed and administered and what we should keep in mind when the next recession hits. Participants include Sandy K. Baruah, Detroit Regional Chamber; Wendy Edelberg, The Hamilton Project; Jason Furman, Harvard University; Ylan Q. Mui, CNBC; Chairman Hakeem Jeffries, Eighth Congressional District of New York; Louise Sheiner, The Hutchins Center; Gene Sperling, The White House; Mayor Levar Stoney, City of Richmond, Commonwealth of Virginia; and Valerie Wilson, Economic Policy Institute."

Second Session with the same title available here on Youtube courtesy of Brookings

HKS Faculty Author - Jason Furman