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May 29, 2020, Video, "On Friday, May 29 at 12:30 PM ET, Gita Gopinath joined the Princeton Bendheim Center for Finance to discuss the IMF’s perspective on COVID-19. Gopinath is the Chief Economist of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and a Professor of International Studies and Economics at Harvard University. The event began with a brief discussion by Markus Brunnermeier, Director of the Princeton Bendheim Center for Finance. Both…
| Lawrence H. Summers
May 29, 2020, Video, "The dramatic spread of COVID-19 has disrupted business and the economy worldwide. The Washington Post Live brought together former British prime minister Gordon Brown and former U.S. treasury secretary Lawrence H. Summers to discuss the impact of this pandemic on the global economy." Watch on Youtube
May 28, 2020, Audio, "Disease has thrived among dense populations since cities began. But COVID-19 is the worst example since 1918, and New York City is America’s primary victim, with empty streets and skyscrapers. Can New York and other cities survive this pandemic?" Listen on KCRW Non-HKS Author Website -…
| Niall Ferguson
May 28, 2020, Video, "The U.S. response to the novel coronavirus divides many Americans along partisan lines. Democrats criticize President Donald Trump for a mismanaged response with grave consequences, and Republicans defend him, downplaying the need for social distancing and measures that ensure it." Non-HKS Author Website - Niall Ferguson
| Jeffrey Frankel
May 28, 2020, Opinion, "Once again, new economic readings from the World Bank's International Comparison Program have fed into the long-going debate over whether China is surpassing the United States as an economic and financial power. And once again, the answer to that question is a qualified "no.""
| Julie Battilana | Archon Fung | Sharon Block | Isabelle Ferreras | Benjamin Sachs
May 27, 2020, Video, "COVID-19 is amplifying a fundamental democratic mismatch: the vulnerable, often low-income and of-color, workers who are among the most affected by this pandemic have little influence over decisions — in companies and governments — about how this pandemic is managed." Watch on Youtube   Non-HKS Author Websites -…
| Ricardo Hausmann
May 27, 2020, Opinion, "In most emerging and developing countries, COVID-19 is causing an economic hurricane. It looks increasingly like a Category 5, but the international community and many national governments prepared for a tropical storm."
| Carmen Reinhart
May 26, 2020, Video, "Professor Carmen M. Reinhart, Professor of the International Financial System at Harvard Kennedy School and new Vice President and Chief Economist of the World Bank Group, joins us to deliver the Economica-Phillips Lecture"
| Gautam Mukunda
May 24, 2020, Opinion, "Spurred on by President Trump, Republican governors are reopening their states. In other states, protests against the lockdown roll on even as the country hits new highs in daily deaths. Despite the economic devastation, however, 80% of Americans still support shelter-in-place measures. Even among Republicans, 61%  support shelter-in-place and 47% oppose the protests while only 36% support them."
| Jason Furman
May 24, 2020, Paper, "Outside of direct fiscal policy effects, the rise in inequality may be attributed to the demand for highly skilled labor rising more rapidly than its supply, as well as to reduced bargaining power by labor in the workplace. On fiscal policy, the US tax and benefit system is still progressive. The tradeoff between using tax hikes and higher benefits to reduce inequality vs. their negative effects on growth remains disputed.…