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| Megan Greene
May 29, 2021, Video: "Megan Greene has been a leading voice in global macroeconomics on both sides of the Atlantic for the past 15 years. She was previously the Global Chief Economist at Manulife/John Hancock Asset Management, where she was responsible for forecasting global macro trends and providing analysis to support the firm’s investment teams around the world. Prior to working at Manulife, Megan ran her own London-based economics…
| Lawrence H. Summers
June 11, 2021, Video: "Former Treasury Secretary and Harvard economist Lawrence H. Summers discusses his concerns about an overheated post-pandemic economy leading to inflation and what he believes the White House and the Fed should do about it." HKS Author - Lawrence Summers
| Rema Hanna | Matthew Andrews | Asim Khwaja | Karen Dynan
June 10, 2021, Video: "HKS Faculty Webcast Series: Using Data to Create Effective Policy in Uncertain Times. Hosted by Rema Hanna, featuring Matt Andrews, Asim I. Khwaja, and Karen Dynan." Watch Via HKS Executive Education HKS Authors - Rema Hanna, Matthew Andrews, Asim Khwaja and Karen Dynan
| Sandra J. Sucher
July 2021, Book: "Trust is the most powerful force underlying the success of every business. Yet it can be shattered in an instant, with a devastating impact on a company’s market cap and reputation. How to build and sustain trust requires fresh insight into why customers, employees, community members and investors decide whether an organization can be trusted.  Based on two decades of research and illustrated through vivid storytelling, Sandra…
June 7, 2021, Audio: "Representatives from G-7 countries — including the United States, the United Kingdom, France and a few others — agreed over the weekend to back a minimum corporate tax rate of 15%. That would be a global minimum tax rate, which has a long way to go to get from theory to reality. But behind that theory is hundreds of billions in potential revenue from multinational corporations."…
| Kenneth Rogoff
June 4, 2021, Opinion: "Although prominent cryptocurrency advocates are politically connected and have democratized their base, regulators simply cannot sit on their hands forever. Malicious ransomware attacks targeting growing numbers of firms and individuals could prove to be the tipping point." Non-HKS Author - Kenneth Rogoff
June 3, 2021, Video: "Do corporate valuations make sense? What are the implications of Biden’s tax proposals? And how did the pandemic change business education forever? On this Walker Webcast, Willy Walker interviews Harvard Business School professor and corporate finance expert Fritz Foley to discuss the markets, taxes, international trade, and the future of business education. From the rise of multinational corporations and potential tax…
| Jason Furman | Willie Powell
June 2, 2021, Opinion: "By April 2021 robust consumer spending and strong investment by businesses and homebuilders in the United States had driven total demand nearly back to its pre-pandemic trend. At the same time, employment was about 7 percent below its trend (or 10 million workers short). Even though hours and productivity of employed workers were up, that was still not enough to enable the United States to produce as much as the economy…
| Danielle Allen
May 30, 2021, Video: "A Harvard University political science professor says she is just a few weeks away from making a decision about whether to move forward with a 2022 run for governor of Massachusetts.  During an appearance on WCVB's "On the Record," Danielle Allen said she is running for the top political job in the Bay State because of the impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on her.  Allen says she decided to jump into COVID-19 policy work…
| Ricardo Hausmann
June 1, 2021, Opinion: "Decarbonization will transform global production and trade patterns so radically that new growth opportunities are bound to arise for the Global South. The goal for them should not be to stop global warming by restricting domestic emissions, but rather to carve out a role for themselves in a rapidly greening world economy." HKS Author - Ricardo Hausmann