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Jason Furman
November 28, 2023, Video: "In this hybrid seminar, Jason Furman, Aetna Professor of the Practice of Economic Policy at HKS, and Andrea Orcel, Group CEO of UniCredit discussed the…
Ricardo Hausmann standing side profile facing camera
Ricardo Hausmann
November 24, 2023, Opinion: "When it comes to building a well-functioning economy, is industrial policy a vital nutrient that must be taken regularly and in modest amounts to…
Karen Dynan Headshot
Karen Dynan
November 16, 2023, Video: "Karen Dynan of Harvard University presents "2023 State of the Economy - Challenges for U.S. Economic Policy" "…
Dani Rodrik seated and talking
Dani Rodrik
Winter 2023, Paper: "The reinvention of the economy of the 21st century will need to take place during an era of new challenges: climate change, geopolitical rivalry and supply-…
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Lawrence H. Summers, Karen Donfried, Paul Tucker, Stephen Walt
November 15, 2023, Video: "This hybrid panel discussion was given by M-RCBG Director Lawrence H. Summers, HKS Professor Stephen Walt, Belfer Center Senior Fellow Karen Donfried…
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Ricardo Hausmann
November 15, 2023, Paper: "It is painfully clear that South Africa is performing poorly, exacerbating problems such as inequality and exclusion. The economy’s ability to create…
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Ricardo Hausmann
November 2023, Paper: "When South Africans threw off the structures of apartheid three decades ago, the nation captivated the world. The early 1990s marked a victory for…
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Ricardo Hausmann, Carmen Reinhart, Clemens Graf von Luckner, Jesus Daboin Pacheco
November 2023, Paper: "Lebanon’s current economic crisis ranks among the worst in recent history. GDP has collapsed by 38% in real terms. The Lebanese lira, which was fixed to the…
Gita Gopinath Standing and Smiling slightly off center to image side right
November 9, 2023, Video: "Remarks by First Deputy Managing Director Gita Gopinath during the panel discussion on "Monetary Policy Challenges in a Global Economy" at the 24th…
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Kenneth Rogoff
November 9, 2023, Video: "Gita Gopinath, Jerome Powell, Ken Rogoff, Amir Yaron, and Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas will discuss the challenges of monetary policy in a global economy."