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| Danielle Allen
May 30, 2021, Video: "A Harvard University political science professor says she is just a few weeks away from making a decision about whether to move forward with a 2022 run for governor of Massachusetts.  During an appearance on WCVB's "On the Record," Danielle Allen said she is running for the top political job in the Bay State because of the impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on her.  Allen says she decided to jump into COVID-19 policy work…
| Peter Hall
May 2021, Paper: "This paper argues that the relationship between capitalism and democracy is not immutable but subject to changes over time best understood as movements across distinctive growth and representation regimes. Growth regimes are the institutionalized practices central to how a country secures economic prosperity based on complementary sets of firm strategies and government policies. Representation regimes reflect conditions in the…
| Frances Frei | Felix Oberholzer-Gee | Youngme Moon
May 26, 2021, Audio: "Youngme and Felix invite their friend and celebrated author, consultant, and Harvard Business School professor Frances Frei, to discuss the challenges of bringing true diversity and inclusion into the workplace. " Hosts - Youngme Moon and Felix Oberholzer-Gee Non-HKS Author Website - Frances Frei
| Nathaniel Hendren
May 2021, Paper: "The willingness to pay for insurance captures the value of insurance against only the risk that remains when choices are observed. This article develops tools to measure the ex ante expected utility impact of insurance subsidies and mandates when choices are observed after some insurable information is revealed. The approach retains the transparency of using reduced-form willingness to pay and cost curves, but it adds one…
| Kathryn Sikkink | John Shattuck
2021, Paper: "The international standing of the United States has taken a serious hit over the past four years. Former US President Donald Trump's strident" America first" foreign policy is partly to blame, but so are his attacks on democracy and human rights, both …" HKS Author - Kathryn Sikkink and John Shattuck
May 20, 2021, Paper: "Economic instability, social changes, and new social policies place economic insecurity high on the scholarly and political agenda. We contribute to these debates by proposing a new multidimensional, intertemporal measure of economic insecurity that accounts for both its multiplicity and its dynamism. First, we develop three theory-driven, multidimensional measures of economic insecurity. Principal Components Analysis…
| Alberto Cavallo
April 2021, Paper: "We use the structure of the Melitz (2003) model to compare the cost of living and welfare across countries, while incorporating product variety measured by the count of barcodes or firms. For 47 countries, we compare welfare relative to the United States to conventional measures of real consumption. Relative welfare is similar to or higher than that indicated by real consumption for a select group of nations in Europe and…
| Ethan Rouen
May 18, 2021, Paper: "Inequality in the U.S. has been getting worse for decades: The richest 1% own a majority of all business wealth, and the top 10% own more than 90%. It has become clear that companies need to address the problem. One place to start is by expanding employees’ ownership stakes in companies, giving workers a path to building wealth. There’s incentive for companies, too: Businesses with 30% or more employee ownership are more…
| Stefanie Stantcheva
2021, Paper: "Stefanie Stantcheva is a Professor of Economics at Harvard and founder of the Social Economics Lab. She studies the taxation of firms and individuals, as well as how people understand, perceive, and form their attitudes towards public policies." Non-HKS Author Website - Stefani Stantcheva
| Dani Rodrik
May 11, 2021, Opinion: "US President Joe Biden's administration has embarked on a bold and long-overdue departure from the economic policy orthodoxy that has prevailed in the US and much of the West since the 1980s. But those who are seeking a new economic paradigm should be careful what they wish for." HKS Author - Dani Rodrik