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Timothy Massad
November 28, 2023, Video: "Former CFTC Chairman and Harvard Kennedy School Research Fellow, Timothy Massad, discusses if the Binance case will help improve crypto investor…
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Jason Furman
November 28, 2023, Video: "In this hybrid seminar, Jason Furman, Aetna Professor of the Practice of Economic Policy at HKS, and Andrea Orcel, Group CEO of UniCredit discussed the…
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November 2023, Video: "Testimony before the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs of the European Union."…
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Thomas Wheeler, John Haigh
November 15, 2023, Video: "This in-person study group discussed the Digital Platform Commission Act and how we should oversee the digital world. Speakers: Senator Peter Welch (D-…
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Karen Dynan
November 16, 2023, Video: "Karen Dynan of Harvard University presents "2023 State of the Economy - Challenges for U.S. Economic Policy" "…
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Lawrence H. Summers, Karen Donfried, Paul Tucker, Stephen Walt
November 15, 2023, Video: "This hybrid panel discussion was given by M-RCBG Director Lawrence H. Summers, HKS Professor Stephen Walt, Belfer Center Senior Fellow Karen Donfried…
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Thomas Wheeler
November 13, 2023, Video: "This hybrid seminar was given by Tom Wheeler, former Chair, Federal Communications Commission, and Senior Research Fellow, M-RCBG. He spoke about his…
Gita Gopinath Standing and Smiling slightly off center to image side right
November 9, 2023, Video: "Remarks by First Deputy Managing Director Gita Gopinath during the panel discussion on "Monetary Policy Challenges in a Global Economy" at the 24th…
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Kenneth Rogoff
November 9, 2023, Video: "Gita Gopinath, Jerome Powell, Ken Rogoff, Amir Yaron, and Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas will discuss the challenges of monetary policy in a global economy."
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Jason Furman
November 8, 2023, Video: "Jason Furman was Obama's CEA chair and a Harvard economics professor, while Kyla Scanlon is my favorite economics influencer. We get into: - What the…