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Frank and Denie Weil Director of the Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government
Charles W. Eliot University Professor


June 20, 2022, Video: "The inaugural lecture of the PGIM Lecture Series in the Honour of Charles Goodhart will be delivered by Lawrence H. Summers entitled Secular Stagnation or Secular Stagflation. Professor Summers resurrected the term secular stagnation in 2013, in the wake of the Global Financial Crisis. He posited that it had become all but impossible to boost growth by using the age-old trick of lowering interest rates to encourage more investment and consumer spending. The answer, Professor Summers argued, was for governments to spend more. Governments listened to his advice and in the wake of the Covid19 pandemic spent record amounts, fuelling the current period of high inflation. Join us for the public lecture of Professor Lawrence H. Summers to find out whether stagnation has become morphed into stagflation. The PGIM Lecture Series in the Honour of Charles Goodhart was set up in 2022 to honour Charles Goodhart, eminent economist and Emeritus Professor at LSE. Charles was instrumental in the founding of the Financial Markets Group more than 35 years ago." Watch Via LSE

HKS Faculty Author - Lawrence H. Summers